What Our Members Say

“I can’t believe we can really meet these people for real. This is so awesome.”

“Thank you for helping us protect our girls.”

“It’s so wonderful what you are doing for these fine young people.”

“I feel humbled by what these youth are doing. The least we an do is help them with our money.”

“This is where I know my money to be in a good place.”

“Thank you for giving me such hope. I am going to use the tipps and tools at my workplace.”

“The club has inspired enthusiasm and ideas among my colleagues. I really look forward to working with this. Thank you for the great work.”

“I can’t believe I’ve never heard of these people before. They deserve all our support.”

“I feel so honoured to be part of this. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.”

“Knowing to be helping these shining young people adds meaning to my day. It’s been a fabulous week just exploring the site, their stories and ways for helping them. I am playing with many ideas right now.”

“I’ve also seen your other sites, and I must say that your work is spectacular.”

“My kids are inspired to get their school involved.”

“I never thought about investing in teens as we do for social entrepreneurs. I like that this does not require a business plan. They have already proven their model.”

“This is so cool!”

“I felt so ashamed to only give fifty dollars, until I discovered the Scale up! section. I believe I can actually raise a thousand Euros at work, or even more. It makes me feel so much better.”

“Thank you of thinking of us entrepreneurs. There is so much more that we can do.”

“I’ve always admired young changemakers. But they always felt so far away. I am not good at finding things on the internet. I feel very blessed by this opportunity. Thank you so much.”

“I wish we could have done this so easily in the Seventies. But there is always a first time for everything.”

“Let’s get rolling. We have a planet to save.”

“If I think what the money I spent on useless things could have done for all these people…”

“That Skype session was awesome. I think it will appeal to a lot of people.”

“We had changemakers visit our school, but we never got a chance to really have a discussion with them. This is too good!”

“I wish that I will have such support when I launch my big idea.”

“I like to see where my money goes. I have never felt this connected to what my donation actually does. This is fascinating.”

“This is so much fun. It’s brightening my days to think of these youth, and how I am helping them involving my colleagues. My friends and family are inspired, too, and the kids want to involve their school. Bingo!”

“I wish I had had this when I was at school.”

“I was introduced to YL by my teacher. I am planning to get my Girl Scouts chapter involved.”

“At breakfast I said to my Mom I plan to visit the children up north. She didn’t really get what I was talking about. It’s fun to be doing something special.”

“This is needed in so many places. I am going to get some councillors involved in “seeding” in our city. Let’s do this!”

“Everybody must be telling you you’re like hope personified. I just felt like saying it again.”

“What? I had convinced myself that one person cannot do anything, and you’ve just fired up all my idealism again. I’m adding my city to the map!”

“These times are so awful. You are bringing light into my world.”

“I feel this is going to be incredibly exciting.”

“I am going to send you a document of what we have been doing in CSR for projects in our state. I think it will be of interest for designing something in partnership.”

“I just decided to start a Boost Club at my school. I think you don’t mind. You should add this as an idea for youth!”

“I would like to include “Boosting” in life skill classes. I have seen that you offer badges in your programs for schools. Can we design one together?”