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What’s Coming Up

Below are 3 hero friends

unique in their fields, that I’ve known and seen rise for the past 3 years.

They need our help now. We can do that, using some special tricks.


Super Model Solution

By taking their model to a new level, we can help them have even bigger impact (which is already satisfying impact), but ALSO get to an entirely new level AND complete a model that is fit for inter/national replication AND realize a dream for THEMselves (not just for others), and this means REALLY giving BACK to THEM, and they DESERVE that so much.

Global Support Required

The support cannot come from inside their countries, because of lack of finance and priority in people’s perception. We, the global family have to support it, and we should, because these people have been inspiring us for years, and they fight for our dreams and inspirations to live and thrive, even if those are far away from our physical homes.

Magic Trick to Make it

There are magic tricks to generate this finance : to connect them with user groups that benefit and can generate finance by sheer numbers, their local reach, and also long-term. And have a great time doing it.


A Unique Experience

This really means opening a new way, bringing a new model to birth. This is super exciting for us donors and investors. We can write this new chapter together, results and media articles will be y/our merit also, and thereby we shape the future and history for entire cities and regions.

Imagine the amazing experience for YOUTH AT SCHOOL, and for CITIZENS … and for the YOUNG HEROiNES!

EXPLAINED : The supa experience for youth, schools, citizens

School love partner projects, but are usually limited to donations to schools or villages, generating little visual experience of progress, limiting outreach and mobilization to a few inspired teachers and a small group of students at school.

THIS opportunity of

  • connecting with amazing STORIES
    (which inspire people)
  • work with real HEROINES
    (which peple love)
  • take on a BIG TARGET
    (but cheap; it would cost 10x as much in Europe or America!)
    on social media for 6, 12, 24, 36 months
    celebrating achievements!!
    as guests and volunteers during holidays

is absolutely sensational.

People experience

  • vision
  • personal agency
  • activities while reaching out creatively to their local community
  • media work, their actions making headlines, giving interviews

like changemakers, that is normally impossible because they lack

  • a burning cause
  • a big story
  • hero spirit
  • track record as reference
  • concrete tangible goal
  • tools
  • community

This is super exciting! Let’s just get the world out!

EXPLAINED : we do for Young Heros what Ashoka does for Social Entrepreneurs - but MORE MAGICAL!

but different

  • We support teens and twens
  • in a lightweight and flexible way
  • handpicked
  • less formal

and now (already) comes the magic

  • involving the public and youth
  • and education
  • opening up further potentials
  • with activities on both sides
  • creative collaboration
  • also long-term


AWESOME! Let’s rool this out for our starting line-up with some schools, document impact, excitement, the unfolding story on both! sides and then scale this model!

Tshering Dorji
Evergreen Bhutan

Youth-led social business for waste reduction, disposal and recycling in rural Bhutan where there is ZERO waste model or awareness … to protect the pristine nature and cultural heritage. In two years, young artist Tshering has set up a business, toured dozens of schools and towns, inspired volunteers, employees, cleaned spaces, been appointed to create official signs, regulations and even impose fines. He is celebrated on social media, honored with international awards, but at a breaking point and desperately needs help.

$ 20,000 a bigger truck to make his social business profitable and sustainable. The truck allows fuel and time efficiency return journeys to India for dropping off waste, PLUS doing delivery on the return journey. This multiplies the current profit margin which barely helps survive.

Trick : Mobilize 5 to 20 schools and groups to each generate $1,000 to 5,000. it can also be done as a gentle microcredit that Tshering pay back as profits roll in. Feasible and dynamic story!

Unique for Teachers : The best imaginable LIVE story on waste reduction, recycling, youth led social business, with many impulses for activities in their home region.

$300 for a good website

This one we can do right now, if you feel called to help.

(in the Daughters of the Sun calendar)

Usha Vishwakarma
The Red Brigade Lucknow

Training girls in young women self-defense against sexual assault, patrol streets, raise hell to make the police do their job, shame and beat up rapists, protectand detraumatize young rape survivors, school trainings, good touch bad touch & more

$ 70,000 for building a self-defense acadamy, which also serves as home, school, training ground, guest room, healing space for traumatized girls.

Trick : Mobilize 10 to 70 schools and groups to each generate $1,000 to 10,000. Feasible and powerful story!

Unique for Teachers : India’s most powerful LIVE story on girl and women protection, empowerment, reclaiming one’s space, ending sexual harassment and rape; using the drastic far-away example for starting conversations on local issues.

$300 for a Story Poster Set

to be used as teaching tool and exhibits.

This one we can do right now, if you feel called to help.

(in the Daughters of the Sun calendar)

Raabia Hawa
Walk With Rangers, Kenya

Walks with rangers, shares intimate photos and reports of wildlife killed and injured by poachers, cars, idiots – told with a lot of heart, tears, love, of holding wounded elephants’ nostrils open so they can breathe while being treated for poisoned wounds etc. A UNIQUE MESSENGER to raise attention and SUPPORT the people IN the field RISKING their LIVES: rangers! 

$ 15,000 for financing a crew of rangers for one year.

Trick : Mobilize 5 to 15 schools and groups to each generate $1,000 to 3000. Heart-touching story!

Unique for Teachers : An heart-touching LIVE story on a popular radio and television personality who found her love for nature and rand wildlife, left the city, and first volunteered, then joined rangers to bring the dramatic message of Africa’s dwindling wild animals to the public. Her powerful, poetic form of expression, composed with love and tears, can grow into a role model story for Kenyan schools and start awareness, which is currently close to zero.

$300 for a good website

This one we can do right now, if you feel called to help.

Do you feel inspired to get involved?

Do you have larger sums to share? Ideas for placing our story, interviews in media? Other? Let’s talk!