Hi, this is Eric.

In my work with YOUTH-LEADER, I meet the most wonderful young hero/ines.

I get to know their work, heart, dreams and challenges. I admire them for their genius, courage, skills and achievements. I am floored by the potentials in taking their initiatives to global scale. Teens do this. This means teens everywhere can. Come on!

I love them for their human beauty, for how they awaken millions, billions, really … and that is why I want

  • to help them
  • their initiatives to benefit millions more people
  • to equip caring youth to evoke the same changes
  • to give back, make their day, realize their dreams

I know that you and 30 to 70% of our population, yes, the citizens around you, care, too, and wish to see positive changes … so far unaware of what is feasible … and what you “ordinary person” can do.

Why do they lack finance?

Why don’t people finance their work, despite massive impacts, media presence and awards?

The reasons are many. For instance, people falsely assume that

  • awards mean finance
  • TED audiences donate
  • they have no expenses
  • their families are rich
  • media audiences donate
  • foundations support
  • local populations care

They do not.

They give close to nothing.

You can view a detailed comparison of blind spots in the funding landscape here

A need for Hero/ines means = locals do not care

Poor societies have no finance for eco-social work.

Rich societies ignore suffering and injustice.

Parts of the local population even oppose their work … with bullying, media ridicule, death threats, attacks …

Yep, people tick different about animals, indigenous, females, justice … and about violence.

Our hero/ines do not share painful stories in media.

I know them from personal conversations.

Just know, they face hardships, yet have the power to stay positive.

Our personal backing means as much to them as their example means to you.

When you work miracles, you make their day.

You are needed. Surprise them!

I hope that this knowledge moves you to get active.

Lack of common funding is okay. But we need YOU

Why is lack of common funding okay?

Because this kind of work is best supported without hours of completing forms, 6 months of waiting, conditions, strings, hidden agendas or logo egos attached.

You see?

Their pure spirit deserves to be supported with likewise pure spirit, with unconditional, trusting support by caring honorable citizens.

By people who feel that it is the right thing to do, see “proof” unfold and experience rewarding benefits.

Now let’s rock this.

I want to empower all of you good people

to turn your love into action, in fun, gentle ways, in your daily environment, with tons of win-win benefits.

Please – be laser sharp aware – this is a NEW TIME – marked by teen hero/ines and social entrepreneurs popping up everywhere – you know that that was not the case 15 years ago!

Now is the time to set off fireworks!

This is the time that we distribute the HERO/INES’ MAGIC WANDS for caring people everywhere to WIELD.

We combine

charitably boosting global

  • teen and twen hero/ines
  • with high impact solutions

with boosting local

  • youth leadership spirit
  • citizen power
  • DIY know-how
  • workplace power
  • positive news media
  • changemaker community


That’s what the Boost! Club does

  • with a focus on what adults can do

and what Change Generation Rising does

  • with a focus in youth age 8-18

Your global boost!ing will also spark local boost!ing of youth leadership, enabling local youth unfold their hero skills, in real-time collaboration with today’s Gandhis, Einsteins and Griffindores in CG RISING.

That’s what your DONATIONS do!

It’s mighty, NEW fresh, exciting!

Oh, also

I want you, the donors to have a great time!


Because you

  • living your noble, pure, giving spirit

deserve it.

You show hero spirit. You matter. You’re part of the family.

  • It gives you hope, excites, inspires, heals you
  • It boosts your days, and of people around you
  • It nurtures your own hero spirit

And thereby we multiply fun, impact, and unfold your own changemaking powers too! Because the world needs it.

And me, staff, hero/ines get to meet you and make friends.

Good? Be part!