with so far 250,000 books, teaching tools, is present at schools, tv, on cereal boxes… scaling reach and advocacy globally, building friendly bridges across historic divides


by enforcing a new, ignored law and introducing eco-social campaign and leadership programs, with us!


in Canada, thrashing pro-GMO myths in tv debates, forcing federal ministers to acknowledge escalating birth defects in GMO cultivation regions, demanding the ‘right to know’ what citizens are buying, eating, feeding their babies, proper scientific studies on toxic agriculture borne diseases …


have secure homes, loving community, health, toys and clothing, get an education, IT and professional skill development



YL Ambassadrix / Earth Guardian Reshma Tamang has a chance to join SAARC, the high level South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, as member of the Official Delegation of Bhutan, to

  • present on youth leadership + YL + her student leadership course at MIT
  • exhibit YL Hero Posters
  • network with 250 young delegates

As youth from Bhutan, she needs our help to complete the $250 for registration, full event and accomodation. Skip a coffee, chip in $1+, be part & get Reshma’s report on the experience and outcomes.

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EMMA MOGUS - Books With No Bounds

Support First Nations children with libraries, good books, environmental programs and friendship bridges.

TSHERING DORJI - Evergreen Bhutan

Create youth-powered social businesses for waste collection, recycling, as well as awareness, art and leadership programs in schools across Bhutan.

RACHEL PARENT - Kids Right To Know

Achieve GMO labelling, a glyphosate ban, long-term studies on health impacts, and promote strategies for creating healthy food abundance among the young generation.

CHLOE MAXMIN - Divest Harvard

Desing a new, strategic youth-powered climate movement with impact as an effective political force.

We help young heroInes take their initiatives to greater scale.

What are you doing these days?


Bring 1,000s of poor kids into school, easy, promote youth leadership and train inspired youth teams across the state.

NEHA GUPTA - Empower Orphans

Help India’s most vulnerable – abandoned children – with safe havens, loving community, education and training.


Create climate change resilient regions in rural Malawi, powered by youth and farmers.

“This is so much fun. It’s brightening my days to think of these youth, and how I am helping them involving my colleagues. My friends and family are inspired, too, and the kids want to involve their school. Bingo!”

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Lets get real about This Young Generation

Lets get real about This Young Generation

There's a precious poem on the web. I asked Coral to read it for us... see what she sent back! It's of course an opener and eye-opener of the Daughters of the Sun book, and part of our educational media for schools. Don't you think it's time that all youth and adults...

Meet Pooja Vishwakarma – in India!

Meet Pooja Vishwakarma – in India!

Who got 21,000 kids into school last year, and will do so this year, fueled by as little as $250 per month? Here's how it works. Bal Manch is a perfect example for our high impact invesment model. Join us for financing Pooja, and sending her stacks of YL media to...

Emma at the World Children’s Prize in May 2017

Emma at the World Children’s Prize in May 2017

Emma MC's the World's Children's Prize for the third and final time this year. We know Emma from early on her quest for bringing peace, joy and opportunity to First Nations kids of her country and have seen her grow a candy kabob stand into a movement building bridges...

Discover Perks : Music by FIRE MANE!

Discover Perks : Music by FIRE MANE!

Chrissie's recently released MAMA'S HOME album is epic awesomeness, and we are beyond honored that it is our soundtrack! Every song opens a chapter in the book aligned with its energy. No song could better capture the spirit of our time than MARCH ON. Listen to the...

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