Why it’s special – and needed

The Boost! Club is born from the WISH

  • to see splendid support for teen and twen changemakers
  • to take their massive solutions to national and global scale
  • to give caring donors and supporters a super uplifting experience
  • that inspires their daily lives, keeps them involved
  • to enable supporters to contribute personal resources, network, skills
  • to equip participants to evoke positive changes in their community
  • to make doing social good part of their social lives, also at the workplace
  • to connect with youth at school, reaching all youth

The need for this is obvious, but so far, no one has focussed on making it happen. Well, we do now.

You see these wishes realized

  • in how we support heroInes
  • we see success unfold (oh what joy)
  • can scale our support using simple tools and tricks (exciting!)
  • can contribute in-kind (what can I do)
  • can meet heroInes live (uh how looovely)
  • can mobilize our friends and workplace communities, schools and media
  • can create local units (make new, super friends, yay!)
  • can use our stores and bars – yihah, change the world at work!
  • and bring the world’s best innovation to our local youth

Pure bliss.

Let’s highlight this compared to what exists to-date.

with others in the field of support for change and changemakers shows that we fill an important gap.


  • usually age 35-70
  • selected by a long Mc Kinsey style selection process
  • paying them a tailored middle class income; which can be $1,000+ $10,000+ per month


  • give to their fund
  • cannot decide who gets it
  • cannot see progress
  • cannot interact in person
  • find profiles, but some don’t even have a website

crowdfunds micro-loans to micro-ENTREPRENEURS

  • adults
  • starting a small business
  • to feed their family
  • also serving the community

Loans go to people with a business idea and the need for small money like $50 or 2,000 for kickstarting their small business, anything from 20 chickens to sewing machines or a local shop. KIVA charges them no interest rate. Receivers pay back the loan. The ratio is 96+%, which is super high in the field of credit. That’s because the business plans are simple, it’s not like opening a restaurant or factory. These people would never get this money from local banks and lenders (who charge enormous interest rates of 100+%).

KIVA words with field partners who go seek, accompany, consult the receivers; which means that a %age is deducted and paid the field partner organizations, whose staff drives hours to meet the rural folks. There has been criticism about monitoring such details, as well as success of the small entrepreneurs, some sources saying that participating NGOs prefer to repay the loan themselves, to keep success ratio high and stay in the program. The KIVA ZIP program enables direct transfer to entrepreneurs without NGO as middle man.


  • get to see individual profiles, their cases
  • little progress updates
  • get your money back in 97% of cases
  • have a user community for interaction
  • cannot invest in youth and changemakers

creates capital for local organizations who recruit and train locals as PROFESSIONALS with focus on basic needs

  • solar stoves
  • health
  • water
  • food

whose work each benefits approx. 1,000 people in their community. A training is valued at $200 / month, $2,400 per person over 2 years. Donors are encouraged to select one person to fully cover their needs. Once the person is “at work”, you get four update reports on her progress. They are very transparent about their expenses. It’s a good model for training professionals in rural regions.


  • select your favorite person/s
  • give $200 per month, $2,400 in total
  • get 4 progress updates over 2+ years

Big organizations have been doing some valuable work. Your donor experience is rather limited.


  • make donations via a bank transaction
  • you cannot specify where they go

You may get irritated

  • by CEO salaries of $200,000 – 500,000 (Oxfam)
  • by their zero reaction to criticism and the threat to their mission
  • by what the Red Cross did with $500 million for Haiti
  • wondering how Girl Effect has spent $1 million annually on a (very precious) Ethiopian girls band
  • by Greenpeace not supporting the campaign for making Ecocide a Crime against Peace, and
  • and their long silence about the meat industry causing 50% of global destruction
  • by the WWF backing massacres of wild kangaroos claiming eating roos was better than cows; less methane farts
  • that Rainforest Action Network labels on Chiquita bananas have changed little to nothing on plantations

support teen and twen heroInes with groundbreaking campaigns and ventures changing lives, laws and industries, achieving where adults have failed for decades; and whose examples inspire thousands of regional youth.

That’s why we seek to leverage the enormous power of a global citizenry

  • that dearly wishes to see change
  • is more than willing to contribute financially
  • mobilize their community for a PhilanthroParty
  • bring in other resources and skills and partners
  • who knows and ADORES teen heroInes from social media
  • and so far never thought they could get this closely involved
  • and LOVE the idea of BOOSTING them!

Rotary etc are pretty useless to-date, because they have other priorities and their grants are too small.

They don’t fit, because

  1. their “corset” of requirements and regulations does not fit organically evolving eco-social and entrepreneurial ventures dynamically responding to opportunities, and
  2. they rarely finance anything groundbreaking
  3. many require that projects have not yet started, be completed in a year, get 50% other funding, and every penny be documented or they ask the money back
  4. the EU scans for certain keywords in applications; you practically need a professional grant writer (who asks payment), you need to add three years of financial documents and they basically only give to the big names they know. Minimizes “risks” and thinking, you know.
  5. then one is stuck with their label and others won’t fund you,
  6. quite many are connotated with or openly associated with a political angle, and we sure don’t want to create misunderstandings and enemies
  7. youth leadership is by definition NOT controlled or streamlined by adult institutions

We know a handful that make informal, flexible grants, but $1,000 don’t go far.

Not to-date.

I know, I know, some people do donate, and you’re probably one of them, but let’s look at the bigger picture and need.

Hundreds of thousands admire Xiuhtezcatl Martinez of Earth Guardians. They draw hope, inspiration, praise him for his example… but when he calls for donations for the movement, trainings … what comes from his tens of thousands of ecstatic followers … are a few hundred or a couple of thousand bucks and this includes big donations by a few. But the mass? Not a cent. In reality, they FEED on him, fueled with hope that the kid takes care of saving youth and the planet, and sit back. This is not acceptable.

Further, young citizens? Well … if I imagine 1,000 Earth Guardians crews do bake and lemonaid sales at school, that’s 1,000 times $100 easy. Per WEEK. So… citizens… it’s time to walk the talk (and likes) and do what Lulu Cerone’s Lemonaid Warriors do, in a million fun ways, making social impact in their social life.

That’s why we have the BOOST! CLUB, so all us caring citizens WAKE UP to making relevant contributions, using magic tricks in all our spheres of life, from business to schools and (overrated) social media, so everybody understand their important role, wield their powers and experience the joy in it. Hooray!

means giving funding money into the hands of a trusted person

  • who knows many changemakers
  • has seen them evolve over years
  • decides when and how to financially support their initiatives

The process fits young changemakers, whose groundbreaking initiatives simply do not fit into funding corsets (with specified weekly expenses on paper and room rentals, with exact numbers of people reached) but which evolve organically, responding and adjusting to opportunities. The Flow Funder creates non-formal reports, explaining decisions and documenting results.


means many people contributing small amounts for a big, common goal. With perks in return.

PATREON crowdsources for Creators

  • of continuous projects (like a youtube channel) through
  • recurring “backing” per show, artwork, week or month


  • different grades : more money = more shows, effects, studio guests, translations, print product  …
  • tools for managing progress updates
  • with different access levels (free, premium content)
  • with live meetings; dischord, hangouts



You can rarely get involved in person.

You may not have missed it, but

~ wouldn’t it motivate you?

~ wouldn’t it mobilize support?

~ wouldn’t it enrich your life?

Invest In Real People

young heroInes on top!

See Action Unfold

weekly on social media

See it Scale

to regional, state and inter/national levels

In Real-Time

as history happens


Meet LIVE!

share stories, feelings, celebrate

Groundbreaking Initiatives

changing lives, laws, industries, society and culture!

See Impact Unfold

through the year

Feel Your Agency

you help make this happen

Make Gifts of Love

to humanity’s HeroInes !

Scale Up your Impact!

using simple tools. Such FUN!

Help In-Kind

put resources, know-how, “access” to work

Bring in Own Ideas

Initiate Projects!

with HeroInes!

Mobilize Your Workplace

uplifting spirit, purpose, vision


Invite Speakers

On Fire? Love it? Form a Crew

and organize ever bigger exciting action together!

Add Adventure to your Life!

because YOU ARE PART!


Seed the Spirit

with flyers and posters

Document & Share

photos of your group in action

Gain Media Presence

Reach thousands! Wouhooo, Changemaker!

Visit HeroInes IN THE FIELD!

Hi5, Volunteer, Contribute

Inspire Local Youth

with can-do spirit and action

Reach Into Schools

and reach hundreds, thousands

Support Inspired Youth Teams

with resources, in-kind, community, spaces, media !


inspired by their global peers!

By thinking creatively …

and opening things up a little … the Boost! Club enables all this

in our daily environment … gently, informally

… no stress… just joy and upliftment!

You see, it’s lovely! The Boost! Club approach is not a hobby for a few. It is a new model for leveraging the so far disempowered global citizenry’s enormous sleeping potential for evoking enormous changes and accelerate implementing of humanity’s leading solutions for a new civilization.

It is an inspirational, charismatic and highly participative model that us citizens can scale and promote through our spheres of influence where we reach many : our schools, our companies, our stores, markets, fests, clubs, festivals and media.

Each of us has access to these spheres, and gives caring people > our allies the wonderful tools and opportunities they love.

The BOOST! CLUB is complemented by YOUTH-LEADER and CG RISING, with different focus and different user groups.

Like the Boost! Club,

  • each responds to humanity’s urgent needs
  • in groundbreaking, efficient, high impact form
  • each can be used and joined as a newbie or pro
  • each can be lived casually, lightweight or full-on


focusses on FINANCE & SUPPORT, once, occasional or profound and long-term.


focusses on INFORMATION & INSPIRATION, through media, communication and education.


focusses on ACTION, as a changemaking community, learning and leadership program.