“Get ready to dare to try something NEW. You’ll love seeing progress unfold!”


“Can we generate bigger amounts?” “Oh, YES!”

Okay, caring friends. We’d all love to make big*ger contributions, right? Now it gets exciting.

It’s not easy, being empty-handed, but with magical stories, inspirational causes, high impact initiatives, exciting success updates … combined with smart tools, tips and tricks, all common sense … you can move things! Reminder – this is for ordinary citizens!

Hey, I bet it’s safe to say that deep inside we all care a lot more than what we’ve shown so far. Ain’t it so? Here comes opportunity to unfold your powers. Playfully. You’ll love that experience. So, fellow rockstar, spend a little time exploring! 


Inspiration, profound conversations, friends & family activities


Adults’ daily meeting spot with untapped potentials


Young people’s daily hangout. Priority #1


where people gather in good spirit


where we reach people from all walks of life


Our societies’ macro-communication tool


Learn about our general approach for scaling up reach and impact.


Learn about youth leadership essentials by immersing yourself in the stories and spirit of young hero*ines and you’ll best understand how to spot and spark opportunities all around you!


Lorem ipsum.


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Young people … we’ve got something special for you. You know that we boost local youth leadership. And local youth. That’s you. Hence, for you, we have more than FUNdraising. We encourage you to unfold your full scope of changemaking skills, and Level Up to Hero*ine, in part- or full-time collaboration with hero*ines and mages. Does that sound cool? It’s pure epic.

You are NOT empty-handed

We have Tools for You

to reach more people who also love doing more social good. There’s plenty of those out there.

We just have to get the word out

  • on social media
  • at your workplace
  • at school
  • in public

and it gets easy with tools like these.

conveying powerful hero spirit; the suff ppl love, but we also give deeper leads leading to real understanding, impact, empowerment – through story, interviews, and ACTION
of amazing changemakers; the stuff ppl love to read, but see only few of; we have many, and ppl can see the STORY UNFOLD
digital media, ebooks, music, teaching tools … of high value to parents, citizens, teachers …
to reach lots of people in all of your SPACES … the workplace, public library, park, school …
on teen hero/ines for bedtime reading, in class, reading rooms, canteens, libraries, sales on markets, stores, as gift, perk, prize …
our micro-magazines on youth leadership, with hero stories, videos, music, action … to get ppl more inspired and involved than flyers; new stuff MONTHLY for cafes, …
Poster Exhibits
for long-term presence, gaining attention, win-win for teachers, libraries, fests, farmers markets, companies, events … add a stand for fundraising, conversations …
for long-term, presence, with hero stories, QR links to videos, also as 24 piece Poster EXHIBIT
Presentation Kit
to face, inspire, involve groups, especially at school, but also in your organization, workplace, with a mix of posters, videos, music, interaction … getting people involved, express, contribute, equipped and trained to spread the message

We have Tricks for You

People love teen and twen hero/ines. This makes it easy to spread the word, spark conversations, get support and grow community. We like to say

  • reach 10 today; your friends
  • reach 100 this week; social and work community
  • reach 1,000 this month; newsletters, flyers, media

Here are swift examples to start with flying banners.

Company Newsletter
reach 100’s of people with an inspirational ADD-ON of stories, videos, music + ACTION CALL, maybe even a digital copy of our book?!
put the FUN into FUNdraising. No more shameful begging in the cold wind, but group fun, adventure, success and vivid images to spread via social and news media, also tuned for special occasions and UN theme days – straight from fundraising champ Lulu Cerone!
Town Fest
Like school fests, your stand, poster exhibit, Philanthro-Party action will add a shining star and fun family activity, inspiring content to the COMMON AS USUAL (dull sausage eating) town and Earth Day fests. Call journalists and film crews, harvest people’s testimonials in our survey etc – and you’ll win more members, make more impact, etc!
Farmers Market
Lots of Earth and people loving people here! That’s your crowd! They’ll love your positivity and their chance to make an impact! Plus – tools and you to bring it to their kids’ schools! See?!
Free Digital Book
yep, great gift and perk!
Waiting Rooms
100s, 1000s of people and they are BORED. Flyers, brochures, micro-mags, even our books for kids, or poster exhibit – simple, reaches tons of people from all walks of life who’d never come across this stuff. SUPER SMART!
Corridor & Cafe Exhibit
Corridors, you got them everywhere, in your office, venue, cafe. A boring in-between space that’s a vacuum. Fill it with the POSTER EXHIBIT, even alternate posters to current UN DAYS, add INFO about the donation box, Philanthro-Parties, joining your local UNIT, booking SPEAKERS for PRESENTATIONS at SCHOOL … reaching 1,000s without ANY effort. Bingo! Yep. Simply use your magic wands in different form. #AlwaysWinning
School Fest
can be much upgraded to be exciting – use our poster exhibit, lemonaid stand, and Philanthro-Party ideas for making it “the best thing of the fest / project day – everybody agrees!” Harvest testimonials on paper, on video, take vivid fun photos, share with us, social and news media – you’ll get invited to OHTER SCHOOLS, reaching 100’s more and winning new members! Can’t lose!
Day of Girls, Peace, Water – you now that there’s ads, articles, presentations … we have 50+ UN Days … friendship, family, youth skills, forests, oceans, charity, teacher … bring them alive with action !! thereby generating highly welcome add-ons for teachers, journalists, fests, city council … to reach 100s and 1,000s fo people! Yes, we know, once again SUPER SMART!
Yo, you don’t just have our tools and good wishes, we also support with SPEAKERS – YL staff, and HEROS, for events, school skype sessions etc.

Also talkative Local Club Unit members that have taken the Crash Course quickly level up to being SPEAKERS themselves! Yep! The STORIES and VIDOES and MUSIC do most of the talking (smart, huh?) and YOU simply guide but ALSO you quickly have your OWN stories about your fav’ hero/ines, fun moments etc to spice it up, giving it personal feel, touch and passion. Yippieh!

There’s loads more.

Now put on the General’s hat and look at some strategy, tactics and magic tricks.

With us, you are entitled to lead a playful re-conquest of the Planet that has fallen into sadness.


These general tactics make SENSE to everybody, but usually feel kinda vague.

But with our tools and tricks we FILL THEM WITH LIFE. Big time!

Use the Internet

  • share stories & videos
  • share your experience
  • use our “ads” & “perks
  • set goals
  • celebrate achievements

Use Biz & NGO Media

  • newsletter
  • brochures
  • magazines
  • social media

+ Get Personal

  • call for feedback
  • ask for fav’ causes
  • call for ideas
  • make (digital) gifts

Add Interaction

casual, pleasant, informative

  • express your passion
  • inform on what’s special
  • highlight hero/ines
  • recent achievements
  • what’s coming up
  • LIVE experiences

Create “long-term” Presence

that is gentle and uplifting

  • posters, flyers, micro-magazines
  • poster exhibit
  • calendar
  • post progress updates
  • add a lemonaid, bakesales stand


You have ACCESS and CONTROL over many spaces frequented by caring people,

seeking ways to make positive changes for people and planet.

Let us use them for boost!ing Hero/ines AND the SPACE!

Your Workplace

Let’s see what we can do with the place and community that you meet daily. At work.

There may be more options than you imagine, and co-workers, boss, employees and customers may share the view that making positive change present at zero cost, without reducing efficiency but actually boosting spirit, engagement, projects and public relations is a good idea.

Let’s look at what spaces exist around your workplace

  • Your Own Office
  • Team space
  • Collective space
  • Digital space
  • Collective fests
  • Client space
  • Sales space
  • Outdoor space
  • Adspace
  • Mobile space

Wowzer! That’s mighty.

Let’s look at some keywords … they’ll give you ideas.

Your Office

Your own space

5 people, regular personal contact; lovely addition, what we all truly care about 

  • office room
  • desk
  • walls
  • decoration

for calendar, posters, books …

Your Team Space

10 people, daily contact; fun, a shared mission : dream up activities as a Unit, in-house and in public

  • corridor
  • room
  • kitchen

for posters, flyers, brochures, books, calendar, also progress updates … and plotting to take-over of the world;

of course only during breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks, before and after work – and that’s plenty of time, right?!

At school, this reaches ALL teachers all through the year… shaping their worldview, nurturing understanding, appreciation, and maybe even ideas in concrete heads.

Your Collective Space

50-250 people, brief daily contact, little effort, can spark donations, win members, spark collaboration

  • teacher staff room
  • company canteen
  • hall
  • corridor

all of the above + poster exhibit + bakesale stand, donation box, surveys, presentations

Your Digital Spaces

100’s of people, year-round recurring contact, a brief positive surprise

  • newsletters
  • website
  • social media
  • app

for spreading the news, seeding inspiration, making digital gifts (like our e-books), surveys, calling for contributions …

Your Fests

100’s to 1,000’s of people, “high mood” occasion, a welcome addition for everyone’s experience!

  • company fest; with staff and families
  • family fest; birthdays
  • Christmas
  • Philanthro-Parties of all sorts
  • town fests
  • school fests
  • organizations on UNITED NATIONS Days
  • galas

exhibit, presentation, fundraiser, progress updates, LIVE speakers, Philanthro-Party

Your Client Spaces

100’s, even 1,000’s of people, vacuum moment to capture their attention in busy life; zero effort

  • Waiting Room
  • Bathroom

people are bored, inspire and entertain them with for flyers, calendar, micro-mag’s, posters, kids books

  • Classroom

the perfect add-on to bring global issues alive, inspire students, collaborate, kick off student-led activities

Your Sales Space

1,000’s of people, year-round, zero effort, sparking conversations, deepening bonds

  • HOTEL, youth hostel
  • market
  • boutique
  • cafe, restaurant
  • grocery store, bookshop
  • zoo, holiday resort
  • airplanes, cruise ship …

for flyers, place-mats, donation box, poster exhibit, books, music, fundraiser, UN Days Philanthro-Party …

Your Outdoor Spaces

1,000’s of people, daily, year-round, zero effort


  • wall
  • fence
  • shop window 

for posters, action calls, parties, projections, music, lemonaid stands, interviews, gifts

Your Media

Reaching all your readers, uplifting content, can be aligned with focus topics, audience interaction

company newsletters : inspirational info on young hero/ines, donation, digital gift (e-book, musical), call for ideas and contributions, with a focus on families, for the kids, for use at school, supporting inspired youth and student clubs, on occasion of UN Days

organizations : newsletters, brochures, with focus on pertaining topics, hero/ines, UN Days

local news media : inform on YOUR upscaled activities in support of your favorite hero/ines … have a Unit, have photos, ideas for what’s next

social media : share your passion, causes, in vivid photos of your crew’s activities

Your Ad-Space

Reaching all your readers, once or recurring.

Do you work in a company, organization or institution that has 

  • print media
  • online media
  • digital media
  • public transport; posters, tv
  • public transport stations; bus stops

or can you inspire them to provide adspace?

Your Mobile Space

Reaching 1,000’s ++ people year-round


“Donate $1 ball’s or $1 cup’s worth to a hero/ine”

  • trucks, vans, bicycles, ships
  • food stands
  • drones

with donation-box, flyers, micro-mags, ads …


You have no control but ACCESS to major frequented spaces.

Civil servants and teachers act in a spirit of PUBLIC GOOD, and many citizens do, too.

They feel the need for new GOOD STUFF. Stay calm, bring it to them, see what happens.

Public Libraries & Museums

10,000’s of people, year-round

They have spaces with a focus on CHILDREN and YOUTH and SOCIETY and EDUCATION.

  • Libraries have a PUBLIC PURPOSE (they are public servants) that they can rarely fulfill
  • Many upgrade their function as COMMUNITY CENTRE … for education, active citizenship, sustainability etc.

We receive good feedback from libraries. Some ask for more books to create a section on youth leadership, and guidelines for staff to serve teachers, parents, youth …

for flyers, books, poster exhibit, presentations … follow your intuition!

Community Centres & City Hall

100’s to 1,000’s in an “active citizenship” ambience

for poster exhibit, flyers, maybe on occasion of special dates, UN Days …

Active citizenship, youth leadership is their purpose, but, frankly – many are not up-to-date. They may not even get what you are talking about, and what their role is.

Follow your intuition.


All students + teachers at a school. Up to all in town

School is no longer like when you went to school. TODAY, there is service learning, global learning, education for sustainable development, extracurricular learning, student clubs, after school clubs, contributions by organizations, citizens, parents – and our volunteers.

  • for Media Packs, posters, flyers, exhibits
  • for Presentations (view Boost! Local Youth)
  • for Speakers, LIVE Skype Meets
  • for project partnerships, short and long-term
  • for activities at FESTS, also reaching parents

and for follow-up actions by inspired youth crews with CHANGE GENERATION RISING – also supported in-kind by local partners.

We specialize in POSITIVE NEWS media culture.

Check out our resources, and get us involved.

Local News Media

Reaching (all) citizens interested in local society

  • newspaper
  • weekly free papers with local news, full of ads, reaching every household; need good content, photos
  • regional radio & tv; love active citizen stuff
  • blogs
  • organizations’ brochures and digital newsletters
  • organic food, family magazines…

Inform them. They will have ideas. Send them our info media. Be brief, yourself, passionate, convinced. Yes, we all get nervous. Enjoy the adventure, turn it into vitality 🙂

Are you active in public? Arrange a good setting and occasion (like a farmer’s market) for them come down, film, interview, take good photos. #BeMoreAwesome

Think of all the PEOPLE that you will MEET!

each with

  • a heart
  • money
  • resources
  • workplaces
  • friends
  • ideas

and many happy to join your crew!

This is how your Local Club Unit and relations grow.

Add Human Interaction. Team up as

Local Club UNIT

YOU are the MESSAGE.

It comes natural. Build your Unit, find Allies and new Friends

Know : You are Welcome

You’re not being perceived as an annoying doom and gloom bad conscience driving donation raider.

You are a crew of angels – the response to people’s aspirations, bringing joy, hope, positive vision, good news and lots of good things to do.

Your group’s recurring presence on markets, roadsides and in parks strengthens your impact and community – by giving updates, melting the ice, sharing ideas – and always willing to help!

Who could dislike a spectacle like Lulu’s LemonAID Warriors?! Shamelessly positive, talkative, funny, serious and silly. Learn from them!


Talk with colleagues

A mere sentence informing about the club, the amazing hero/ines, your donation, ideas, seeing first impact … is a fun, uplifting topic with a high % chance for instant connection and follow-up

Talk with customers

a mere sentence, a smile, “here, something beautiful exciting” pointing to a flyer, a poster …

Inform on Progress

THIS IS ULTRA IMPORTANT. Your colleagues, peers, students … have donated – report on progress using photos and quotes from the hero/ine’s social media, our newsletter, PRINT it, post it … it makes an amazing return flow of ENERGY uplifting donors with smile, vision, feeling that’s worth more than the $1-5 thy contributed. And THIS experience rewards, motivates for more!

Invite Feedback

Testimonials on their experience, ideas for in-kind support, what else could we do to win support, where, who else might help, where can we serve? Also, use the survey. It gives people the feeling of being involved – and we don’t do this for PR – we WANT to provide this feeling, and learn from them, and each idea can open new doors to us and more impact. WE WANT to learn from their best knowledge. Hence, in seconds THEY actually boost change!

+ Donation Box

Add one on site. Simple. Silent. No disturbance, it can actually ADD to your space and ambience. MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL – following Lulu’s Lemonaid Warrior creative example. Add flyers etc. Share photos with us please!

Ehm, needless to say … stealing from it .. is ultra bad. This thing is SACRED. Donation are veritable drops of golden love straight from the heart and people’s lifetime (of earning that, of renouncing one’s own boosting) TO the hero/ine. Zero betrayal allowed. YOU are the GUARDIAN. Aho!


+ Survey

We have important surveys on people’s views, feelings, ideas on positive change, youth leadership, an active citizenry … they HELP us communicate our message AND help us connect profoundly with the people PLUS actually pass on our inspirational message to THEM, giving them a moment to connect with their deep values and true wishes for people and planet PLUS informing them on opportunity to LIVE them. The survey thus functions a bit like a flyer (info, ad) but goes deeper, it involves the person and doesn’t come across as an ad, of pushing stuff on people.

+ Stand

Yep, you got stuff and status to set up an attractive fundraiser  & campaign stand. Posters, flyers, beauty, colorful, informational … it adds to the space’s ambience. It’s welcome! Add your true passion, smile, some magic wit and maybe some of our tips for goodies like the best ever homemade bakery and lemonaid… and you’re everybody’s darling. Plus u have fun, generate vivid visuals for social and news media… u’ve heard this before … keep doing it always, the same strands and moves of magic

+ Photoshoot

with your new fans and friends, to share on social media, by you, by them, by us, – show the movement!

Use special occasions, activities, preparation, planning, building, walking, thinking, laughing, talking, hi5s, mountains of money, the mayor, little kids … we love such shots along with one line of story.


It can be in-house, improvized, microscopic, a party-in-a-box, a family fest, a gala, part of a town fest, a rock festival, techno party …

maybe even with a LIVE meet or speaker


for a global hero/ine

  • finance Pooja for 1 year
  • 1 adventure film for Abbie
  • 1 ranger for Raabia

Epic Goals

  • such as
  • media packs at all schools
  • spark 10 local youth teams
  • unite at YL summer camp

Team Tasks

Challenge your staff to rock a campaign or other

  • for global hero/ine
  • for local youth
One more


As a Team, it gets EASIER and FUN to PLOT and TAKE OVER TOWN.


Reach 1,000s of lively, conscious shoppers


  • TEAM VALUE : great for Unit member Meet-Ups
  • VIBRANT PUBLIC : occasion for photos, thumbs up, smiles, giving donations, holding new book, invite media
  • TIME : for surveys, conversations, ideas, donations, discuss in-kind, networking, experiences


  • recurring presence
  • standspace
  • goodies, cafe, cookies … pleasant casual conversation, there’s not many such non-commercial stands! that are also good for an open conversation!
  • families … with kids, caring for role models, activities
  • parents … with kids and youth at school
  • educated middle class … seeking smart innovation, good jobs > in-kind support, seeding, fundraise
  • allies … farmers hv goodies, spaces …
  • allies … bases, artists, moms selling kids clothing …
  • free hugs shirts


10’s to 100’s of family, caring parents, kids

Occasional or Recurring Base

  • TEAM VALUE: Unit member Meet-Up + kids and friends
  • for hours, casual, sit on lawn, snack, plan, dream
  • VIBRANT PUBLIC : occasion for photos, thumbs up, smiles, giving donations, holding new book, invite media
  • TIME : for surveys, conversations, ideas, donations, discuss in-kind, networking, experiences

upgrades park life with

  • inspiring conversations for adults
  • quality content and activities for children and teens


  • casual conversations
  • families, kids, all age groups
  • eco-socially aware parents and citizens
  • students of all ages
  • playful, activities
  • goodies welcome, snacks and drinks
  • Philanthro-Party on theme days!

School & Town Fests

Reach 1,000’s of people in high spirit ambience

  • VIBRANT YOUTH PUBLIC : photos, thumbs up, smiles, giving donations, holding new book, invite media
  • TIME : for surveys, conversations …
  • NETWORK : connect with teachers, student clubs, organizations, parents, media for follow-up with Presentations, Skype Sessions and more
  • Focus : Donations + bake and LemonAId Sales, promotion
  • Philanthro-Party style adds to attraction, impact and news coverage


  • lots of people
  • parents
  • youth
  • teachers
  • citizens
  • organizations
  • media
  • artists


Reach 10’s to 100’s of topic-related people

  • STAND : focus on shared passion for better world topic
  • #1 AIM : a few new quality allies, photos in this context
  • NETWORK : connect with organizations, decision-makers, activists, caring citizens, media
  • SPECIAL PUBLIC : photos!!! thumbs up, smiles, giving donations, holding new book, invite media
  • HARVEST voices and feedback from professionals

and know the WIN-WINs of YOUTH LEADERSHIP arising through SEEDING and our associated programs for inspired youth, teachers etc (Change Generation Rising, YL @ School) for

  • teachers
  • civil society organizations
  • caring citizens
  • policy makers
  • journalists
  • business and entrepreneurs (IN-KIND SUPPORT)


Reach many people, long-term, feed media people



… observing a few tricks for GOOD photos (simple!), which will make you happy, and hv an impact on the world

“What matters is not the tech, it is the STORY”
Casey Neistat on film making. Same thing here.

Inspirational photos in action are everything for promoting our positive change spirit, keeping people informed, uplifted, and forming a bond.

Since us wonderful elven activists are yet perceived as a minority, and media need a way bigger dose of positive news messaging by ordinary citizens from all walks of life we use every occasion for taking photos of VIBRANT INTERACTION in PUBLIC

with our message, tools, tribe, tricks, testimonials

and of

expression of shared passion, vision, commitment for what truly matters.

YOUR PHONE CAMERAS are enough, even better than “officially intimidating” people with big cameras … be casual and share

  • online
  • with news media
  • with us

Your action will inspire others in many ways, and your PHOTOS will be found in our media!

SIMPLE GUIDE to Good Photos:

  1. add the TOPIC; (smiling people = … holiday shot?) add the stand, flyer, poster in background, hold the book, make YL finger sign, YL of NGO logo t-shirt …
  2. upper 3rd of the body; why look at legs or feet?!
  3. no sun behind; or the face is dark
  4. don’t move; it’s gotta be sharp; just saying.
  5. not passport, dentist, army; relax, be alive, smile
  6. make a gesture; thumbs up, crazy celebration …
  7. filters : no filter preferable, some for fun r okay
  8. no photoshopping; don’t waste time
  9. amount : 3, 6, 12 per event; pick the best photos
  10. size : medium size 1000 px perfect for facebook

We love big photos of quality motifs. Such as : all your colleagues, your Unit, celebrity, mayor, group nice stand in public, big crowd interaction, school fest, celebration … because those we use with

  • this page! 
  • our print media! Flyers, books, Youth-Leader Mag
  • local news media! Yep.

Pls. share big photos with us via email dropbox etc; Remember the amount; the best.

Super looking forward to your photos! Yaheey!!

That’s PLENTY!

to get started & keep going. Amazing, huh?

Be part

in taking our societies to the next level!

Pioneer some of these activities, take youth leadership spirit into different spaces, and inspire thousands, document, share your experience with us, and tell us how to help you and make it better!

Whatever funds you generate – they play a vital role for shipping the book treasures and school supplies that Emma harvests for youth in need, and similar initiatives. Let this lift the sails of your heart <3

Final Tips for Newbies

Just grab your heart, unleash your passion.

The kids say – stick to it, believe in you, be yourself.

The time is right. Let’s get people’s attention – with passion, patience, perseverance.

Unfold your Passion – Don’t Stress out!

People are trying really hard to convince us they’re zombies, right? We don’t know how the world will react. Try your best, take a gameful approach, be kind to yourself.

That’s why we say : HAVE FUN!

Do it for yourself, no less than you do it for our hero/ines and the people they serve. Please.

Get friends, cookies, have a fun day

enjoy the atmosphere, conversations, adventure, make lovely friends.

It’s what we feel & remember most, really.