Robyn has made 30 cities declare themselves “Blue Communities” – keeping / making water public, a human right, and banning bottled water. In recent years, we’ve all heard how important this is. But how many of us have the backbone to do it? Robyn outperforms adults and organizations! She is ready to travel to more cities, talk to premiers, give school presentations, and train youth globally to follow her example.
Robyn needs our help for travel and communications. We also seek to distribute educational brochures to schools. Will you make yours a Blue School?! There are great ways to help – such as articles and interviews in organic food magazines, in newspapers on World Water Day, – and how about lifesized posters in organic food stores?

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Robyn is not the only student who has seen films documenting how bad practices in business and politics have led to water pollution, soaring prices, and very bad health effects. But she is turning her knowledge into action. It all began in 8th grade, watching the documentary film World Water Wars in class. Robyn could see the future unfold in crisis, anguish and war. Not only in dry regions, but even in her water rich country of Canada! For weeks, this vision weighed her down. Then came the glorious day that she learned of a way to safeguard water aquifers and rivers, and provide abundant clean water for generations to come. The solution lay not in waiting for changes at national level, but to act at local level : by towns declaring themselves a ‘Blue Community’ and passing a three-pronged resolution keeping water services public, banning bottled water, and making clean water a human right. Equipped with this powerful tool, Robyn turned her fears into action. Her first step was a phone call to her home town’s mayor. A week later, she spoke to the city council, and they passed the resolution! Kingston became a Blue Community! But one town would not suffice to protect the world’s water, so Robyn continued. In a single year, she spoke to 27 city councils, and each passed one, two or all three parts of the resolution. That is more than two towns per month! At age thirteen! Robyn’s success is a signal to all of us. With youth on board, the rules of the game change. We can make sure that our homes are safe. We can make sure that our future is peaceful. We can turn our entire world ‘Blue’! Robyn now trains youth like you to make that happen.

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Educational Brochure

promoting the Blue Community Resolution and Blue Schools, with a focus on empowering students to make it happen in their region.

$1,000 for Travel

promoting the Blue Community Resolution and Blue Schools, with a focus on empowering students to make it happen in their region.

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Article, Interview

especially in organic food, lifestyle magazines. Add a link to action, empowering readers.

Educational Brochure

Design one with us.

UN Day

Promote the Blue Community Resolution on the occasion

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with a school that means it, combined with strong steps for protecting regional water.

Blue School

Make your school a Blue School.

Blue Community

Make your town a Blue Community … joining dozens in Canada and European capitals Bern, Paris and Berlin.


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