Rachel is the world’s #1 visible teen-age GMO-critic (actually even incl adults), calling for clear labelling, proper studies on long-term impacts on human and ecosystem health, and a shift to healthy, people-powered food abundance.

In formerly GMO-ignorant Canada, where 1 in 3 kids have a chronic disease, and 70% of foods contain unlabelled GMOs, she has raised national awareness with 9+ million views of her epic tv debate, and constant media presence.

Rachel seeks our support to

  • travel to attend conferences
  • run media campaigns
  • develop educational programs
  • learn more about urban, regenerative agriculture

She is a unique role model and speaker, so view In-Kind options for articles, campaign cooperation, and more.

Awards & More

  • Rob Stewart Youth Eco-Hero
  • Clean50 Emerging Leader
  • ELuxe Kid Saving the Planet
  • Toronto’s Environmental Hero
  • Canada Top 20 Under 20 Changemakers
  • Regenerative Farming Youth Ambassador


  • Kids Right To Know
  • Gen-Earth, Toronto’s Earth Day Youth Fest

Youth Director

  • Regeneration International
  • See What Grows Foundation

Speaker at

  • WE Day
  • TEDx Toronto
  • Uplift Festival Australia
  • The Monsanto Tribunal
  • Sonoma Valley Heirloom Expo
  • Toronto Veg Fest
  • Vancouver Veg Expo
  • Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival
  • The Green Living Show
  • Total Health Show
Full Story

Rachel is a passionate advocate of food safety, full transparency and the right to know what we are ea-ting. At 12 years old, she learned about the mounting evidence that Genetically Modified Organisms, GMOs, pose risks to our health, environment and bees.

Considering that GMOs are labelled in 60 countries, but invisible part of over 70% of foods in Canadian grocery stores, and people unknowingly feed them to their children, Rachel founded Kids Right to Know.

She meets experts and farmers, holds marches, and speaks at conferences. One epic TV debate has 9+ million views. Her goal : to convince government to label GMOs, and to conduct studies on the effects of eating GMO plants contaminated with low and high doses of extreme poisons over several years.

Industry claimed that these would never create resistence or accumulate in water. But today, superbugs and -weeds cover entire regions, and glyphosate is found in rain, drinking water, human bodies, even wombs and breast milk; in up to 100 times higher concentration in GMO-eating Americans than Europeans.

Aware that 1 in 3 kids in Canada suffer from chronic
disease like leaky gut, diabetes, cancer and life-threatening allergies, Rachel confronted the
Minister of Health with medical data from Argentina’s soy production region – showing a dramatic rise of cancer and nightmarish birth defects among children. The meeting unveiled that no ministry is even in charge of GMO labelling.

But Rachel and youth are not waiting, they follow the United Nations’ advice : “Industrial agriculture has failed to feed the world, and has gravely harmed soils, water, health and the web of life. At the same time, new, people-powered solutions are good for soils, plants, animals, and produce high yields, also in dry regions.”

Learn with Rachel, and apply these simple solutions in your town and region.

Progress Updates

Dummy Hero Post

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Scale Up!

Here are some cool milestones and goals.

$ 1,000

for travel to events in Canada, the USA

High Level Event Participation

somewhere on Earth


Finance SUPER School Garden

with innovative design, permaculture, organic, bees, vertical ag – powered by students, feeding the canteen; check out Green Bronx Machine by Stephen Ritz

for Rachel to offer as prize for a school in North America, USA, Canada, Mexico

$ 3,000 – 5,000 €

In-kind Support

#1 Get her voice out for the YOUTH in your country!

#2 Boost Rachel’s horizons, resouces, networks

Article / interview

always good, especially globally, to encourge young people to get involved in taking care of their foods and environment for today and the future, and learn solutions for creating healthy food abundance for all

Speaker Booking

Always a highlight

A Campaign on Youth & Food

with Rachel as role model.

This can be any country, especially Central and South America

Trip / Training

on people-powered solutions for healthy food abundance for all

  • urban
  • rural
  • anywhere

Gathering of Teen Food Activists

to bond and develop

  • teaching tools
  • speakers platform
  • unified campaign