Raabia Hawa has left a thriving career in radio and television hosting to follow her passion – and call for help for  endangered African wildlife in unusual ways.

As Honorary Warden, she spends her life trekking the bush with rangers, in search of traps, poachers and wounded animals. Her vivid reports on social media offer raw, authentic, intimate insights, heart touching suffering, softness, poetry … that are unique.

Raabia seeks our help to raise awareness and care especially among the so far little caring national populations of Kenya and Tanzania … that run over, poach, export, annihilate wildlife (like Brazil, Indonesia, Britain and Germany do; to the point of extincting insects).

This is a personal, heartfelt, complex challenge to join, with new intriguing angles of support, education, media work, partnerships, and even going to visit. View below!

And when you meet another living thing; huge or tiny, fluffy or spiny, extend a hand of compassion always, for you will pass through this life but once my dear, and you will either nurture love, or foster fear.

Found a Hill overlooking Mt. Kilimanjaro so I camped there! Woke up to an amazing view and found out a pride of 5 lions live on that hill and use it as a lookout. Although I didn’t hear them through the night, their presence couldn’t have been doubted. So here I found myself, in the land of kings… ♡

Awards & More

  • Muslim Woman of the Year
  • Animal Conservation Award
  • Mandela Washington Fellowship

This is what it looks like when both sides of the law collide.


Immediately immobilised and disarmed, an illegal logger now faces a line of questioning by the rangers. We had been tracking for 2 hours before we finally had the perpetrator within earshot. Slowly moving while he hacked away at trees, and stopping still in our tracks when the chopping took a rest to ensure our ambush went undetected. Soon, we could see his figure through the thornbushes and began the sprint. Within minutes he was caught. Let off with a warning as a first time offender and details of his “boss” taken down, he won’t soon be returning and the ecosystem can breathe again… Until the next time. Charcoal burning is a huge challenge in Africa, and contributes to the decimation of wildlife and unprecedented loss of habitat and forest cover. Please help repost this to spread awareness ♡ To find out how you can help us keep wildlife alive, please click link in my bio and follow me @raabia.hawa for more updates from the frontlines of the fight to save Africa’s last wild things. ♡

Track, chase, catch. After following the sounds of trees being cut down with crude weapons, we found tracks of an illegal logger


… and began following them until he was in sight. Crouching low to the ground, the sprint began. Scraping through thorn bushes and manoeuvring our feet carefully upon the uneven terrain, our boots are all that keep us grounded. Within minutes, he is seized, disarmed and made to sit on the ground for questioning. He’s been paid by someone to come in and cut trees. The middlemen in this trade make far greater sums of money and put the welfare, safety and lives and freedom of poor villagers like this at risk. As a first time offender, we took down his details and let him off with a warning, retaining his machete and contraband. It is vital to work with communities to keep ecosystems and wildlife safe. Please help keep our boots on the ground.

That feeling when human hands protect and save what other human hands have harmed ♡


Rescuing a giraffe from a wire snare trap set by bushmeat poachers. After safely removing the Snare the giraffe had difficulty getting up from the tranquiliser antidote. We had to strap it’s neck to the vehicle and pull it forward as the team pushed up its neck to give it a boost in waking up and normalising. We all stayed clear of the legs that can deliver a powerful kick and watched in awe as the giraffe trotted away to freedom once more. Please help us keep saving Africa’s last wild things by sharing our story and contributing to our fundraiser

Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you." Jean-Paul Sartre ♡


Only her sweet little heart knew the breaking it had to endure to get here, the ripping of her soul and tragic tearing away of her innocent mind. As I looked into her eyes I felt her pain, her frail body told me tales of her struggle; but through it all her gentle breaths still whispered wafts of freedom, and hope. Human and elephant, we are so alike… while some men poach for bodies, others mercilessly hack away at our souls… So here we were, two tiny beings blissfully connected by our scars of war. And amidst our secret communication, the mighty lions of freedom within us, now smile and roar.

Story of a Kudu ♡


On a scorching hot day in Tsavo a few years back, we were heading back to camp as the rangers and I spotted dogs running into the bush, we sprang out of the moving land cruiser, and chased in their direction fir a few metres before we heard a bleating sound. An animal had been hit. Poachers! We split, 4 rangers chasing after the poachers, and myself and 1 other ranger sprinting in the direction of the bleating… And there she was… Barely a week old, her umbilical cord still attached and lying motionless under a tree. I began to cry as my heart rate increased. She was still breathing! We mobilised the vehicle, and drive to nearby Buguta village to buy a baby bottle and some milk before heading to camp. She struggled along the way, urinating often and remaining asleep. Back at camp we tried our best with guidance from KWS Dr. Poghon over phone and radio, she fought for 6 hours to stay alive, and in her last moments, stood up and took 2 steps towards me before finally collapsing in my arms and breathing her last. She is buried under a tree at our ranger base. And she lives on, in my heart always. ♡ Bushmeat poaching continues to threaten Africa’s wildlife. To support our continued efforts on the ground please click link in my bio and share. Thank you so much. ♡

"Water is Life."


Here we came across a severely dehydrated female warthog during Kenya’s recently broken drought. It wasn’t hard to chase and catch her as she was so weak already. We had a spade in the car which we filled with life giving water to rejuvenate her. She had a quick drink hastily before scampering away into the bushes again. Sometimes the smallest things mean the most.

I've seen many roadside horrors in my day, a drive to Tsavo ...


… has seldom deprived me of at least two or three hyena roadkills. I’ve seen endangered Grevy’s Zebras & giraffes torn limb from limb by trailers,their heads bedragged across hot tarmac for metres before their final resting place ,teeth scattered along the blood trail. Even the majestic symbol of Kenya’s Coat of Arms has not been spared. Lions & cubs have had their mighty roars forever silenced by the metallic drudgeoning of oncoming lorries. Are these to be the new sights & sounds of ‘Magical Kenya’? I’ve always maintained that the cost of unsustainable and ill-planned development has been dire, but nothing in the world could have prepared me for this. Tsavo’s elephants are an iconic species. Raking in mega-profits to the tourism industry, they have contributed significantly to Kenya’s GDP, but on the 28th of August 2016, my nation suffered a great loss. Around 4:00 am, Eric, the head ranger at Wildlife Works in the Kasigau Corridor received a call from a community member. A baby elephant had been hit by an oncoming large vehicle. Witnesses relayed that an elephant family were trying to cross over to the other side of Tsavo but after successfully crossing the highway, faced the barrier of the elevated railway. The herd turned back to head into safety, but in the confusion and panic, the little one was struck. With blood oozing from his tiny trunk ,a crucial member of Kenyas next generation of elephants now lay dead, & people crowded the scene eager to chop him up and make away with some ‘free meat’. The ranger carried the calf’s lifeless body into the vehicle, & placed it in the bush with a heavy heart. Who will save these lives? Time alone will tell,i n the meantime, we continue to bear with resilience the heartbreaks development has to offer us. We are after all, the men (&women) in green. Whoever could take notice of that in all the colourful camouflage of the modern world?

Pure African Gold. Wild honey treat after a hard morning of anti-poaching patrols.

This is by far the most tragic, horrific thing I have seen.


When man’s heart turns to stone, the brutality he commits by his hand is incomprehensible. As invading militia continue to stream in with cattle in Kenya’s Laikipia region, nothing is spared. Here a pregnant giraffe was not only gunned down, but her unborn foetus cut out of her too. The atrocities against wildlife are unspeakable, those who protect them are few. Please help by reposting this, and follow my feed @raabia.hawa for more updates from the ground. You can also get updates directly from teams on site on fb page “Laikipia land invasions” Read more here: http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/2016/11/15/laikipia-farm-invasions-continue_c1456484

The Final Good-Bye

Bereaved of Seeing them Alive

Burning Confiscated Ivory

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Scale Up!

Here are some cool milestones and goals.

Take a Walk With Rangers

“Respecting our giants as we go about our daily rounds in conservation.”

Viewing wildlife with rangers on foot is unlike any other experience in the whole world.

Sign up for your chance to join a #WalkWithRangers to live and walk with the badasses who protect Africa’s wildlife. This unique annual experience offers you unhindered access to life on the frontlines. To get further information, see documents in the files section of the Walk With Rangers Resource Group and to register thereafter, send an email to walkwithrangers@gmail.com Dates: July 30th – August 10th 2018 Rates: Individuals: Non-Citizen $2,350 Citizen (East Africa) Kshs.55,000 Resident (Kenya) $1,650 Couples: Non-Citizen $1,950 pp Citizen (East Africa) Kshs.47,500 pp

1 NEW Ranger for 1 Year

$ … We have to check back with Raabia

ABBIE for 1 Month Docu

for a youth-powered film documentary. Experienced and passionate outdoor- and mini-adventures enthusiast Abbie Barnes accompanies hikes, treks, and learns all about their world and work -creating high value

  • photos & videos
  • photo-essay poster exhibit

for all of us to use

  • at school, libraries, events
  • for long-term communications

and Abbie

  • loving it!
  • taking her next level
  • more stories to share with schools

Travel and stuff Abbie needs, as well as donation to local team for time, atention, training, excursions, travel $ 3,000 to 5,000 €

TEEN HERO/INES School Tour & youth-led Campaigns Kick Off

Several teen changemakers to go

  • visit Raabia
  • visit two dozen schools in Nairobi etc.
  • unite inspired local youth
  • team building & campaign workshops
  • using YL Campaign Roadmaps
  • and Raabia photo-essay poster exhibit
  • Calling celebrities to join prior, during, and after the pinnacle events

Teen changemakers can be a mix of our hero/ines, and self-nominations of inter/national and preferably also African teen nature activists on the continent

  • calling media and African environmental organizations to share the call for African youth

Unfolding campaigns and adventures are featured in YOUTH-LEADER media, and CHANGE GENERATION RISING to connect with youth around the globe, who can pitch in for boosting their peers + visit. $5,000 to 20,000 €

Website for Raabia & Walk With Rangers

  • wordpress
  • fit for self-editing
  • tutorial for Raabia and crew
  • hosted with our provider in Berlin, for low cost, high security, quality support
  • long-term support

$1,000 €

Create a Book

with Raabia, featuring her splendid photography and writing

$3,000 €

Create a Calendar

Wall Calendar lg sized

Desktop Calendar

$2,000 €

Create a Poster Set Exhibit

for use at school, libraries, museums, in cafes, canteens, in public, to raise awareness, get people involved, and also raise awareness for their own local wildlife.

$1,000 € free download, and print order

Print Stock: $ 1,000

Create a Teaching Tool

A poster set with Raabia’s stories and photography, to inspire youth to

  • create the same for their own wildlife
  • by getting out there, feeling, documenting, publishing
  • raise funds for Raabia’s work
  • raise funds for their wildlife, restoration and rewilding projects

$1,000 € free download, and print order


of poster set and teaching tool

European languages

regional languages with high biodiversity to protect; Swahili, Indonesian etc

$500 € each, free download, and print order

Print Stock

In-kind Support

Cool stuff we can do together.

Big Article, Interview

including her many deep stories, beyond what we usually hear, including rich imagery of small, beyond the usual Big 5: the pain and dying, recovery and play, and the people – locals, rangers, car drivers, city fools, distant politicians, lying lobbies, failing big NGOs, illusions

Airline Magazine

Article / Series with

  • huge donation call
  • goals and milestones
  • updates through the year
  • + go Walk With Rangers

meshed with board videos

  • films
  • interviews
  • incl. Tippi Degre film

Film Docu

So many voices, impressions, storylines to weave into a new form of film … leading to focus of awakened self-love, stewardship, responsibility by Kenyans, Tanzanians. Incl. African storytelling, re-awaken cultural spirit in city dwellers, youth, education Do we find relevant seeds and sparks of a new young generation of elves, wizards and nature spirits, and can this film boost them in schools inter/nationally?

Speaker Booking

  • beautiful
  • zooming into detail
  • poetic, soft, spiritual, heart touching … beyond the common wilderness

and personal journey

  • radio celebrity to ranger
  • female into badass
  • Black African + “muslim newcomer” united as citizens loving the land for common dearest goal


We gotta ask her. You being in the industry you may have ideas.


for her work, networking.

"Holiday" Gift

so Raabia can see a different part of Earth dear to her, for expanding horizons, resourcing, new ideas, maybe new allies.

Raabia Plush Figure

  • plush figurine set
  • Raabia walking
  • kid to ride Ellie like Tippi
  • Ranger with stick
  • Ranger kneeling, tracking

for sale

  • by airlines, hotels, tourist boutiques, gifted to local villages, kindergartens, schools

Theatre Piece

Turn her story into a theatre piece with kids and youth, maybe as school project. Document the process. Arrange excellent filming. Perform, record, upload. It’s kind of Lion Princess for real. Focus only briefly on villains the organized crime behind small local poachers, and their buddies in politics. More important : We are all villains through neglect, and lack of LOVE.