Pooja last year got 25,000 poor children into school by enforcing a new little known law. She also educates youth on eco-social causes, teaches self-defense, and organizes festivities in the slums of Lucknow, India – where life is harsh and hurtful, especially for girls.

Pooja’s simple, gentle, work changes the local mindset, skills, culture and relations from from many angles.

There is no support for her work in her country. Herself living in the slum in her mom’s house, she needs our help to liberate her time, pay for bus, train travel and materials.

$120 per month cover all her living and work expenses.

$1,500 unlock a full year. It’s crazy.

10 cents to get a child into school for ten years, impacting their next 70 years, their future families, people around them. $1, a ball of ice-cream’s worth, opens a life of peace and opportunity for 10 kids. That is high impact!

Frankly, we wish to generate $2,500, so that Pooja can have her own apartment, a life, and add more activities.

Awards & More

  • Prayag Pride Award

Founder, Bal Manch

Board and Crew, Red Brigade Trust

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Ideas for Goals and Milestones

Pooja for 1 Year

$ 1.500 €

1 Event for Kids

$ 100 €

1 Excursion for Kids

$ 300 €

1 Year Micro School Rent & Materials

$ 1,000 €

In-kind Support

Specifics for this heroIne

Arts & Materials



Books & Games

Hindi, English

  • Children’s stories
  • Dinosaurs
  • Planet Earth
  • Eco-social issues etc

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  • Book & Game Drives
  • quality boardgames, translated, printed rules
  • and shipping

Projector & Films

for Village Cinema

Kids films, educational

Hindi, English


  • Computers etc. to provide meaningful ICT education to kids, teens, and run Bal Manch communications
  • Locks. Serious locks