Micah, Alicia, Annabelle and friends have raised 3.5 tons of LEGO for kids that never even heard of it.

Their beautiful effort and documentation unleash stunning generosity among kids and adults, with empathy, knowing “how cool this is”, and making a “magical gift” for a lifetime. The idea of nurturing STEM thinking and imagination invites follow-up ideas on Maker tools, workshops and collaboration. We want to see it unfold.

Playwell continue to amaze us how much LEGO they harvest. They need our help to deliver it. 

View cool ideas to Scale Up your impact. You might even be able to travel to Uganda for a delivery. how about that for a family trip?!

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How dull and boring would life be without books, our magical doors into other worlds? Or without balls, the ticket to limitless fun challenge and entertainment? Or LEGO?! Ah, these countless hours of what we can only describe as magical! It does not even take the fancy designs and themes, does it?

Can you imagine kids having zero access to LEGO at all? It is the case for half of the children on the planet, especially those living in villages where roads are dirt, cities far, and incomes too low to afford LEGO anyway. Hearing this, Micah realized that he could make a magical gift impacting generations by simply donating the LEGO that he no longer used. His example inspired other kids, and also adults who love to bring idling mounds of childhood treasures back to life in the hands of thankful children!

His first delivery was super well received and fired up his friends Alicia and Annabelle to join the mission. The seasoned Girl Scouts and campaigners set up an online store and sales stands for self-designed LEGO jewelry, Christmas decor, fidget spinners and baseball caps to raise funds for PLAYWELL AFRICA.

A year later, the families took off to Uganda with over 2,000 pounds of LEGO on board. Yes, 1,000 kilos, a full ton! Their beautiful photo galleries show them packaging a thousand bags for a thousand kids to take home, and their first creations – magic boxes and helicopters.

Look at their shining eyes! You’ll want to get involved!

Progress Updates

Dummy Hero Post

for hero and mage updates

Scale Up!

Here are some cool milestones and goals.

$ 500

for shopping and shipping

20 or 50 or 100 kilograms

of LEGO. How big will the pile be?

Call for LEGO

using posters, a stand on farmer’s market, town fest, reaching adults, too.

Set a goal.

Fund / Make a Delivery

by ship, train or airplane.

In-kind Support

Cool stuff we can do together.

Big Article, Interview

in children, family, women’s, mainstream media and television programs

Story on Cereal Box

and make it a campaign

  • following sucess unfold
  • sharing updates
  • inviting submission of LEGO drive docu
  • with a prize to win

Delivery Journey

  • with shipment
  • onsite activities


  • document it

Speaker Booking

via skype, at a school at a conference, in comination with a LEGO drive.