is a charity champ that teaches all of us how to put the FUN into FUNdraising – for greater fun, reach and impact. We’ve found that her example makes everybody’s mind sparkle brighter. So, here’s for you. Enjoy!

A natural born FUNdraiser …

when she hears of people in need, she organizes help. How could you not purchase Fairy Juice and chip in some extra?

Over the years, ideas kept growing.

Lulu activated kids across the country, became a Monster High figurine, and founded LemonAID Warriors who organize year-round fundraising fireworks for various causes.

Then she came up with this,

… and a second one on PPs at school is in the making.

Find out more by following LemonAId Warriors online

This Spirit

takes you a long way.

Get inspired by Lulu’s unbridled sunshiny passion, but of course do it in your own style.

1. Live your love for people and planet,

your passion for the cause, your dream for a milestone, your joy about life, the community, the activity, of reaching that goal and blissing your beneficiaries

2. Use the Story

3. Add a dose of magic and sense of adventure

It need not be spectacular, but it can be! Dream up that little tweak of beauty, fun, surprise for that extra ambience aligned with your cause and message, that puts a smile on people’s faces.

It amplifies fun, reach and impact.


  • It raises your group’s fun and ernergy to create the party.
  • It helps spreading the mesage.
  • It makes the day or evening more fun.
  • It makes it memorable, a highlight.
  • It creates vivid photos to share on social and news media

More reach means more contributions and impact.

Also, the fun factor will make everybody want to plan for the next one!


Get inspired by Lulu’s examples…

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... and get her book/s for your public libraries

This Works Everywhere.


LemonAID stands and bakesales are daily activities for Changemaker Student Clubs for involving and growing their community. students love seeing updates on evolving adventures and their impact.

Add action ambience to school fests, UN Days, project days and weeks. Involve parents using flyers, newsletters and stalls.


We all enjoy uplifting spirit, purpose and vision at noon breaks at company fests. Busy canteens, waiting rooms, drinking and dining areas full of customers aka caring citizens are perfect spaces for placing ‘positive change’ stories and action options. They add ambience, and spark conversations, also among families. Get creative!


Positive change fits well into many community events, from school and town fests to Spring of Sustainability weeks, green fairs and conferences. Many can use a fresh dose of magic. Will you be the most attractive, frequented, liked and photographed space?


Set milestones for your follwers, meet live, grant perks. How can we activate social media for more good using the full scope of tools and tech?

Use Yummy Goodies.

Help us

develop awesome ideas and recipes for this section!

Homemade LemonAID

There exist classics, and wildly exotic creations.


Cookies, brownies, do your best.

Seasonal Jams etc

Get creative.

Vegan yums

It’s en vogue.

Use Occasions.

Many People

is what you want.


Your content goes here.

Activate Schools

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Add Speakers

That may be you. Take the online Tutorial to become YL Volunteer.

Use Media

Your content goes here.

Pep up your Stand.

Surprise, inspire, involve, like a micro fair.

Banner, donation boxes

Your content goes here.

Mini Poster Exhibit

Your content goes here.

Youth Leadership Survey

Your content goes here.

Books & Cardgame

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