Ocean has risen to the world’s most visible “diving with sharks” human, changing humanity’s mindset on sharks and their vital importance for marine ecosystems and the climate among millions of people, leading to strong positive changes in conservation, research, tourism and education.

Ocean backs her soft spoken message – “sharks are highly intelligent, gentle beings, and humans are not on their menu” – with profound experience, research findings on shark behavior, and herself in the water with sharks, no gear; a real mermaid holds her breath for 7 minutes – witnessed by 500,000 followers on instagram and tens of millions on news programs.

Her tags include #Shark and #MarineBiologist #Conservationist #Freediver #Athlete #Model #Designer #Entrepreneur, and now also #Educator with new quality resources and programs for SCHOOLS.


Ocean needs our help to boost her message to youth and non-english speaking regions, with focus on ending fisheries massacring 70-100 mio sharks annually, guidelines for media, and benefits for eco-tourism.

We help with donations and adopting (incl. naming!!) sharks for tagging and research.

We also design, print and distribute educational media.

We join her for educational shark dives, turtle dives, take freediving trainings. How awesome is that?

Plus, we share her photos and videos, online, in print media.

It’s all there. Be part! #SaveOurSharks

With Bella

“They are like puppies when you get to know them.”

Tagging Roxy

“Roxy is one of the sharks we have known for many years”

Freeing Roxy from Fishing Trash

“Heartwrenching to see her injured; so courageous; and we managed to free her.”

Education is the Key

“Once people see humans interact peacefully with sharks they love them. Join us!”

Progress Updates

Dummy Hero Post

for hero and mage updates

Scale Up!

Here are some cool milestones and goals.

Non-English Media Presence

Film, article, interview – on television, national radio, in youth and family magazines, in education – with practical steps for getting involved; view some examples below.

This can be in-kind OR an investment for Ocean and her global network to arrange a visit by a foreign language crew

$500-3,000 depending on travel and format

Ocean / Shark Poster Exhibit

We want to create a nice poster set that can be used in education, telling Ocean’s message, key facts, research, steps for saving sharks, packaged in mesmerizing photography – it’s all available.

  • Design: $500
  • Translation $100 per language
  • Print Stock (lg volume, low price) to make it accessible: $ 1,000


Ocean / Mar. Wildlife Calendar

Same as the Exhibit / education pack, but for as handy calendar. This can be

  • 12 page lg sized wall calendar
  • 50 page desktop calendar

with pertaining UN Days, QR codes to videos, organizations, tools, getting involved, latest news on social media

Design: $500 and $ 1,500

Translation: $ 100 per language, $250

Print Stock: $ 1,000

$150 Shark Snorkel

  • open water shark sightings guaranteed
  • highly educational research dive
  • Go Pro cam optional
  • Pro Photographer optional
  • Group tour available
  • Private boat charter available

All proceeds go to conservation.

Ridiculously low price compared to what that scores in the city.

$120 Turtle Snorkel

  • open water Green Turtle swimming guaranteed
  • secret spot on the coast
  • Go Pro cam included
  • Pro Photographer optional
  • Group tour available
  • Private boat charter available

All proceeds go to conservation.


Trainings in freediving and more.

In-kind Support

Cool stuff we can do together.

Big Article, Interview

including her deep stories,  science, feelings, the change of consciousness, tips and tricks for divers, surfers, beyond what we usually hear and see, including Juan’s fantastic photography.

Airline Magazine

Article / Series with

  • huge donation call
  • goals and milestones
  • updates through the year
  • + go dive with sharks

meshed with board videos

  • films
  • interviews

Film Docu

That’s obvious.

We need information on other languages than English … so go ahead!

Speaker Booking

at high level events.

She’s busy. Make it very worthwhile for the cause!


she looks well equipped, but we can always ask her if there’s anything that she or friends need.


for her work, networking.

Ocean Plush Figure

  • plush figurine set
  • Ocean freediving
  • + Shark Bella

for sale

  • by airlines, hotels, tourist boutiques, gifted to coastal villages, kindergartens, schools

Give a Presentation

or use in class, using Ocean’s video, phtos and resources, latest news on instagram. Encourage inspired students to take the message to other classes, schools and public space.

Report to Local News

about your group’s learning and new commitment. Of course this works best with school students. Ha, an elderly home would too!

Ocean / Shark Poster Exhibit

to get long-term presence at school, museums, national parks, in public, at events, town and school fests.

Align with UN Days of Oceans, Wildlife, Biodiversity

Ocean / Mar. Wildlife Calendar

Spread copies of posters and calendars to reach many long-term, at counters, in staff and waiting rooms

Inform Local Restaurants

about the dark sides of shark fin soup

Inform Local Supermarkets

about illegal sale of shark meat that comes under all sorts of names, and is often mislabelled