Parker and Greta set a unique example for co-learning STEM – in an incredibly fun, epic way – in terms of storytelling, video tutorials, location design, meet-up’s, communications, gamification, event participation.

They are not just a role model for coders and nerds … but also for changemakers. We love seeing them use a for-real Harry Potter approach – like we do and seek to evolve in Change Generation Rising.

Parker and Greta dream of seeing their example spread to other cities around the world. We want to see that happen!

Part of realizing their dream is to finance robotics starter packs for newbies.

  • $100€ finances a simple kit
  • $300€ finances an advanced kit
  • $500€ unlocks a combination of both
  • $1,000€ equips a team

Packs go to Nerdygirls, new crews, and applicants on fire to level up to Overlord – and share their journey with us.

View more needs for tech and in-kind support below.

Awards & More

  • Legion Of Youth, powered by Boeing
  • 7 min documentary produced by
  • Film featured on Alaska Airlines SIFF Channel all month long
Full Story
Parker hasn’t always been a nerd. In fact, it happened by accident, when her friend asked her to go to a week-long robotics camp with her. Parker, having no idea what a robotics camp actually entailed, agreed to go. It turned out to be her best decision ever! They loved every single minute of building and programming a LEGO robot, and even won the competition!

Inspired, Parker joined her school’s FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) team, feeling prepared to face all challenges. Oh boy, was she wrong. All her teammates were guys who had grown up building stuff and teaching themselves how to code, all confident to build a robot from scratch. Her experience? Um … a LEGO manual. That season, Parker and the girls got the job of … designing t-shirts! Arrgh, what a bummer!

Still, giving up was not an option. Fired up to pierce the mystery of code, Parker inhaled YouTube tutorials and asked a college student for help. “That season, at the competitions, our robot was running my code, and that was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had.” And she had only begun!

Realizing that girls need a fun way to develop their tech skills for the best of humanity’s future, Parker recruited her little sis Greta to map out a fun six-level challenge process to fast-track one’s skills from novice to overlord. Every Friday night, the underground robot society meets under a disco ball to program, solder, troubleshoot, fail and bounce back, mixing in anime, gaming, geeking out over shows and mandatory dance breaks – in preparation for league battles.

Choose your totem clan, be part!

Progress Updates

Dummy Hero Post

for hero and mage updates

Scale Up!

Here are some cool milestones and goals.

Bundle of Robotic Sets

small and big

$ 500 €


capable of running the IDEs of their dreams (@androidstudio, @ROBOTC, @EclipseFdn, + beyond) making it possible for their robot trainers to take their coding skills to the next level.

$ 1,000 €

Space Design

Furniture, tech, gadgets.

A cool In-kind option!

$ 1,000 €

In-kind Support

There’s certainly a load of really cool ways. Surprise us!

Campaign Call for Sparking Teams

  • in your city, state, nation
  • with support for newbies

in and at

  • media
  • schools
  • Maker Fairs

Base Space

for a new chapter to meet.

Functional is great.

Epic is greater!

Epic means liberty

  • can design in funky ways
  • reserved to them only
  • access to tools
  • magical neighbours
    (or none)

to be discussed with NG Parker, Greta, and their new local chapter

Tech Training

  • Robotics
  • solding
  • cool stuff

Articles & Interviews

around the planet, with focus on sparking replication

Competition Events & Prizes

in the inspired region

Travel & Tickets for Championships