Neha has raised a stunning average of $15,000 per month for orphans since age 9; more than $2 million.

Providing a safe, loving community home, health, education and training to 1,000s of abandoned kids, she defines their next 70 years, future families, everyone they meet, work with, and society as a whole. Neha sends us the rarely heard message that there are 140 million orphans on Earth, in need of extra support, and our common future is defined by whether we provide it.

Neha is now at college and continues to raise funds. It is fair to say that she deserves our support to grow her impact, based on years of good practice experience.

We also imagine beautiful opportunities for in-kind support, resources, volunteering, teaching, training.

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I love bringing a smile to these children's faces

Awards & More

  • World of Children Award
  • Huggable Heroes
  • Gloria Barron Prize
  • Power Of Children Award
  • Prudential Spirit of Community Award
  • Gold Level President’s Volunteer Service
  • Wachovia’s National Philanthropic Award
  • Philadelphia 76ers Hometown Hero
  • Great Friend to Kids Award
  • NHL All Star Changemaker
Full Story
Like many of us, Neha spends summers at her grandparents’ house, and follows good family traditions. For her, this includes volunteering at an orphanage. This time of joy was mixed with sadness, as she realized that these 200 children had no parent to guide them, protect them, or love them. Also, they could not gain even a basic education.

Instead of internalizing these feelings, she decided to help by raising money. Nine years old, she sold wine charms at events, went door to door, and talked to sponsors. It seems incredible, but she makes a monthly average of $15,000!

Her funds provide food, toys, school supplies, eye and dental care, water purifiers, sewing machines, libraries, computers, bikes … worth more than 2.5 million dollars already … impacting the lives of no less than 30,000 kids.

Neha’s work not only affects their childhood, but also their next 70 years, their future spouses, their children, and the people whose lives they will touch. “I love helping these children, and put a smile on their face,” Neha says.

She also reminds us of an important fact that concerns us all. There are 140 million orphans in the world, many of them are completely abandoned. It is not their fault. If they grow into adults without love and education, and cannot live in harmony, it will mean trouble for all of us.

We can no longer ignore that we are all connected. It is our common task to help all children on their feet, so that they can experience peace. We have the means to clothe, feed and house everybody. By doing our share, we can heal the hurtful past of our societies, as well as heal our common future.

Newbies to fundraising can use her charity’s website.  Just register, specify a project, and start!

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Here are some cool milestones and goals. We have to get in touch with Neha for details.

XY Kids for 1 Year

$ XY

check with Neha

1 Educator for 1 Year

$ XY

check with Neha

Equip an Orphanage

one or various resources

$ XY

check with Neha

Pay for a Training

special profession, self-defense, arts …

$ XY

check with Neha

Open a New Orphanage


check with Neha

In-kind Support

Some intriguing ideas for collaboration


  • education and learning
  • reading and play
  • clothes and garments
  • health
  • ICT, projectors

Think of beauty and dreams!

Go Visit & Volunteer

  • your skills, stories, spirit

document, report back home

  • your deep experience
  • magical moments
  • at schools, in media
  • at fests and markets
  • in news media

boosting more support

Big Article, Interview

with focus on

  • Indian expatriates
  • Asian expatriates
  • education, schools
  • teenage youth

going deep into Neha’s experiences and the beauty of the children, the changes, their healing, their unfolding skills and opportunities, ideas for more, options for support (see things & trainings(


  • job training
  • campaign training
  • media design
  • webdesign (wordpress)
  • self-defense training
  • swimming, snorkeling
  • traditional craft
  • horse riding
  • sports
  • dance
  • song
  • music


  • ecology
  • animals
  • history
  • social
  • organizations
  • organic farms
  • group challenges, abseiling, climbing …
  • airplane tour