“It’s amazing that we get to meet these lovely people for real.”

“So cool that we are working together!”

Let’s celebrate our common mission with a Highlight!

There’s nothing more inspirational than meeting LIVE. So let’s do it!


We have 

  • interview & chat meetings
  • between Eric & Hero/ines
  • with tribe members

spontaneous or announced via newsletter. Also, we do

Meetings of YOUR GROUP with Eric, staff, hero/ines

  • casual 30-60 min meet’s
  • Q&A, open conversation
  • on hero/ine’s cause
  • journey, experiences
  • common achievements
  • celebrations, what’s next

We also do focus sessions

  • specific global issues
  • youth leadership
  • your local causes
  • your plans etc.
Speaker @ School

Hero/ines, YL Staff and Volunteers in your region are available for school visits

  • for sessions in class
  • whole school sessions
  • fests, events, workshops
  • deep encounters with local crews and student club

Make the big step and turn inspiration and passion into action – follow hero*ines’ footsteps, plan projects, campaigns and year-round action as citizens, as youth crew, at school and beyond.

We offer sessions, resources, options and support for self-organized follow-up, backed by a global tribe.

Speaker @ Event

Upgrade your event with

  • youth activism spirit
  • storytelling
  • hope, vision, empowerment
  • youth-powered solutions
  • youth leadership at school
  • practical action

at your conference, gala etc., with special opportunity for

  • audience involvement
  • exhibit, music, stand, tools
  • instant donations
  • school involvement
  • dynamic media presence
  • follow-up action

For our full spectrum of Speakers, visit

Make it a very special Experience

for everybody involved. This is what heals the Heart and lays lifelong seeds for more.

  • pleasant and casual
  • well organized
  • good mooded
  • respectful
  • boosting their work
  • realizing their dreams
For your GROUP

to experience reward for their efforts, feel real, feel part, get inspired, have a memorable, pinnacle experience, gain insights, tips and support


to live your passion, vision, make an impact, enjoy an inspired life at work, feel vocation, community, see your dream for the young generation, future, people and planet florish

  • making an impact
  • spreading know-how
  • boosting momentum
  • sparking a group
  • evoking impact
  • ripple effects

investing their lifetime. How to make their day: 

  • pleasant and casual
  • timely communication
  • please prepare (study hero*ine’s story)
  • test your internet video technology 
  • good sound, camera, whole group visible
  • optimal: make an impact for people and planet
  • optimal: follow-up activities
For your local COMMUNITY
  • invite kind observers that you know personally
  • who can benefit from youth leadership
  • e.g. teachers, activists, principals, parents… 
  • to get inspired & join follow-up activities
  • journalists to report on ambience & experience

Make the most of the Encounter

Simple steps of preparation yield fabulous results!!!

Hero*ine Profile

with story, video, gallery, social media, website, latest news.

In case of a school, also use the CG RISING profile with article, interview, and Action Guides with Level 1 to 4 actions to support, scale and replicate their initiative.

Open Conversation

among your group, inspired by your research, giving space to personal feelings, empathy, compassion … expression of feelings and thoughts … preferably leading to motivation for getting involved, activities, burning questions …

Your Ideas

inspired by your conversation, as well as individual passion, your institution, relations and ideas of your group members.

We are curious to hear them, be part or help in making them true

Recommended Activities

for preparation and follow-up

Deepen your Knowledge of Youth Leadership

Explore the Online Exhibit (45-90 min) or use the Presentation Pack (90-180 min) on this sensational, game-changing phenomenon

Get to know 24 teen hero/ines with favorite causes and actions for everybody.

The experience empowers

  1. positive worldview on youth power, trust in youth, confidence, passion, ideas boosting your group’s vision and momentum
  2. follow-up actions, exhibits, presentations
  3. a high impact student club
    collaborates year-round with hero/ines around the planet via our Change Generation Rising program

Organize an Activity

pertaining to the Hero/ine’s initiative, such as

  • a fundraiser in your group
  • in your extended relations
  • in public, via media
  • in-kind support
  • your own ideas

OR an activity

  • supporting, scaling, or
  • replicating their initiative

in your part of the world

Consider Follow-up Action

Our meeting might spark more ideas, motivation and opportunity for actions.

It would be good to be open to this, so that your group’s members feel free and supported to follow their passion.

For each Hero*ine exists a wide spectrum of optional activities


to support their initiative with a donation, fundraiser, or in-kind

to scale, or replicate it locally; as youth crew / student club

Timing our Encounter

in our busy lives

TIP: UN Days

and other festivities make excellent days to take a day off, a special session, involve others, connect with partners like teachers, journalists and organizations for better preparation, bigger reach and impact.

Theme Weeks

Hero*ine of the Month

Culmination of a FUNdraising campaign

Kick off of a new phase with new goals and milestones.

What Time fits you best?

Morning, evening, week-end, 30, 60, 120 minutes, a day, a week … anything is possible. Let us hear of your ideas and dreams.

Meeting Hero/ines

is a bit tricky, since

  • they’re busy 24/7
  • they may be travelling
  • they may be at school
  • teachers may not grant time
  • timezone difference may make it night for them

Eric knows them, their stories and initiatives well. A meeting with him is always a good thing and replacement.

YL Staff / Eric

can meet with you any time 24/7 across timezones on

  • on hero/ines
  • various global issues
  • your local causes
  • youth leadership
  • at school
  • positive news culture

with many tailored follow-up options as citizen, teacher, youth, student club, donor…

The Unexpected!

There’s beautiful surprises, and annoying ones. 

“Plans fall apart the moment you encounter people”, Churchill once said. It’s also true for cameras, the internet, transport, emergencies, the weather. Stuff happens.

That is why we love that pre- & post-meeting resources and activities offer multi-faceted, exciting experiences.

Our success does not depend on the “encounter” only.

Let’s take it as part of real life, part of the experience, bring in our full humanity – and be open about results.