Our Story

Hi, this is Eric.

In my work with YOUTH-LEADER, I meet the most wonderful young hero/ines, and get to know details about their lives, quests, challenges and aspirations. It’s an amazing experience to be in touch with the Gandhis and Griffindors of our time!

I love them and wish to help them succeed

  • for people and planet
  • to give back, make their day, open their path in society!

Together, we have brandnew, exciting opportunity to evoke positive changes we yearn to see, and I want millions of caring citizens like you to benefit personally and professionally.  

This TIME calls on all of us to get active to restore harmony on Earth by transforming society using good innovation.

The Boost! Club empowers adults to unfold their SUPERPOWERS as CHANGE GENERATION RISING empowers youth.

How It Works

The Basics



to your favorite hero/ines and causes, knowing that your contribution evokes high, quick, tangible impact


See Success Unfold

“LIVE” on social media and newsletters, get involved, share and become part!


Support In-Kind

in countless ways, with skills, professions, services, gifts, holiday lodges, spaces for workshops, camps…


Meet LIVE !

on skype, at school, events, go volunteer … for Q&A, celebrate achievements, bring in ideas, make plans


Bonusfor Greater Impact – and Fun 🙂


Seed the Spirit

inspire people with positive vision, to get involved for abroad and at home, using our ace digital, media, flyers, micro-mags, exhibits etc

Scale Up! Impact

by reaching 100s, 1000s of people in the workplace, public, media, via friends and relations, using shops, workplace, clubs, markets

Tools & Tricks

to inspire, involve workplace, colleagues, staff, clients, customers – with precious win-win benefits for people and profession

Boost! Local Youth

using media, giving presentations, organizing exhibits – and supporting inspired youth teams in-kind, as mentor etc


The way we act, equip and involve people, we generate benefits for 

  • Hero/ines
  • People and Planet
  • Citizens from all Walks of Life
  • Professionals
  • Local Youth
  • Your Society

sparking a culture of youth leadership all around you

Love it?Form a Team!


Local Club Unit

Team up with inspired friends, colleagues, dream up next activities, wield tools and tricks, get more people on board, Hooray!

Club Base

Your shop, boutique, market stand, cafe, disco club … get the message out with flyers and donation box; do meet-ups, Philanthro-Parties!

Sales Point

shop, boutique, market stand, also online … sell our books, calendars, merch … share the word


Bring in your superpowers; magazine, airline, celebrity, app designer, adventure trekkie,  chocolate shop …

Got it?

Get Started!

1. Donate to fav’ Hero/ines

2. Start Seeding & Scale Up!