Let’s Help YOUTH with our Magnificent Resources

that have been patiently waiting for this moment in time

We all have skills, resources, property, networks, services, “access” to people, spaces, media …

  • our own
  • in our companies
  • among friends

… and it is exciting to be able to turn our idling resources and skills into impact.

It can be very simple and swift. It can also be long-term, and pose exciting challenges. You choose!


benefit from hero solution stories, bringing global issues to life, sparking student-led activities


benefit from hero solution stories, meaningful reporting, inspiring, involving the audience, inspiring actions, reporting on them


benefit from purposeful, socially relevant projects for staff and trainees


benefit from bright, dynamic role models to invest in

Tweet & Post

on what we do


for our books and campaigns

Promo Clips

for our products and programs


A show reaches 1,000s of people, and you and your listeners love it = WIN-WIN


Story, interview, call for hero nominations, follow the Local Units’s stories =  WIN-WIN


Reach millions, call or donations. Get’em on the show & change worldview on youth!

Call f. Heros

from your country for our media


for young activists

Celeb Perks

signed stuff, meeting you …


for teen & twen hero/ines


ICT, Phones, Projectors …


Development & support


and DELIVERY of our books, flyers, posters … to local, international schools etc


Wasaya Airlines gives 90% discount on books for indigenous communities. 


of our books, cardgames, + integration in EDUCATIONAL TEXTBOOKS


for your event gala, add a fundraiser – super inspirational WIN-WIN!

Cereals etc.

Add their story, images, uplift youth & call for donations, offer prizes

Toys - yes!

Lulu = Boo-lu in Mattel’s Monster High’s + skullerships for fundraisers


for gatherings, workshops, retreats … in your office, villa, retreat, lodge


Air, Train, Bus … local, inter/national + OUR STORIES & MUSIC in BOARD MEDIA


for summer camps gathering teenage changemakers for trainings and adventure

Holidays & Lodges

for young hero/ines and YL staff to regenerate, expand their global horizon

Gear, Shirts & Stuff

cameras, cool shirts, shoes, sunnies, smartphones, laptops and more

Organic Goodies

for young hero/ines and YL staff to stay fit, yummy, and promote real food


Free stays “changemaker in residence” to activate your city


Make mini docus for internet, news programs & campaigns


to take good shots for profiles, media coverage & campaigns


our flyers etc in your city / cities


our stories / books


design YL Merch


for young changemakers


for Hero/ines


to caring royals, rich and celebs

Kids Books

from authors & publishers


+ LABELS : collab w hero singers

Your Ideas

You know your resources best

Boost!ing Local Youth

A fantastic opportunity for financial and in-kind support

You can also provide enormously precious in-kind support for local youth, inspired youth crews and nurturing a culture of youth leadership  

  • by seeding inspirational media
  • by supporting inspired youth teams
  • with spaces, trainings, printing, goodies, prizes …

Local face2face action, with people you know -parents, youth, citizens – makes it a highly exciting, multi-faceted and rewarding experience for groups, professionals, companies, organizations and citizens from all walks of life.

View more on the Boost! Local Youth page.

So Exciting...

What Will You Evoke?

Benefits for your Profession

There’s more for you than just giving. Let’s look at WIN-WIN benefits

We wish you to benefit also, through

  • inspiration in the workplace
  • fresh purpose in your profession
  • valuable activities for your staff

You are a stakeholder in our shift to a peaceful, sustainable civilization, and by engaging in boosting young changemakers and youth leadership, you can become a role model in your field

  • visible in the community
  • present in media
  • inter/acting with other conscious allies



bring global issues to life with hero solution stories, and spark activities run by student clubs


use hero solution stories for meaningful reporting, boosting their audience’s mental health, DIY know-how, and active citizenship


benefit from meaningful, interdisciplinary and -sectorial projects for staff and trainees


benefit from bright, dynamic role models to invest in, team up with

uplift spirit

in the workplace

real innovation

in journalism, education, but also intersectorial collaboration of biz + youth + education + city

connect with the local community

by seeding innovation, supporting inspired youth teams, and offering what you got, from space to skills, time and in-kind support by your biz friends and relations

gain nice media presence

when doing good things, you deserve it

dream up projects

with us, aligned with your topic and regional focus


and societal relevance to your profession

tasks for trainees

projects that are real, exciting, relevant … campaigns for hero/ines, inspiring the local citizenry, boosting local youth teams, their focus causes … 

projects for staff

to do cool things the core biz doesn’t allow doing


companies today send their staff off into the community. Do it with the hero/ines’ mission, and for boosting local youth

go visit & document

as volunteer, trainer etc, then report and boost the campaign in your biz community, city and news media

Mission & Vocation

are two big words and aspects that most of us today are missing in our busy professional lives.

We are really happy about this graphic, since it explains the lack that many citizens feel, even those of us leading “good, priviledged” lives, with inspiring work and a pleasant work environment – but lacking opportunity to do what people and planet really need now.

We are excited that we can offer you opportunity to make your and your friends’ lives more complete – with mission and vocation! 

We hope that you will join hands with us, and let us know of your experience.

Lots of Opportunities!

You’ve learned how all together

  1. we support hero/ines
  2. we become part of their adventures
  3. we make high impact on people and planet
  4. we scale up! impact by reaching more people
  5. we efficiently support in-kind with win-wins
  6. we spark and cultivate local youth leadership

Imagine your city … people in 10, 50, 100 places getting involved … what enormous potentials it will unfold. 

You’ll easily come up with ideas. There is much dreaming, creativity and fun ahead.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for questions and ideas.