This is a very beautiful page to read.

It’ll make you dream. It’s powerful!

It takes a few minutes. Maybe get a yummy drink.

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1st of all.

We offer a unique package of options

Think of common donation experiences – where do you get all this?

Real Hero/ines

The finest spirit, golden hearts, lifelong changemakers

Vivid Feedback

on impact documented on social media and newsletters, by highly communicative changemakers – pure bliss to watch; beautifying your social media and boosting your days

High Impact Initiatives

each donation unfolding enormous value, ripple effects

"Live" Meetings

with our Hero/ines for Q&A, celebrating achievements, sharing love, planning actions, bringing in ideas, building global like-hearted community

Rapid Progress

quick, tangible, visible results

Popular Causes

resonating with many people, making it easy for you to inspire others, to scale up! reach and impact

to offer you a simple, vivid, satisfying and rewarding donation experience, and to feel your agency.

That’s already awesome.

But we’d all love to see bigger impact than we can afford by ourselves, right?

That’s why we enable you to step up your passion, evoke XL changes for your favorite hero/ines and causes, as well as for local youth, and to uplift your daily life at the workplace – with little effort and much fun. 

Tools & Resources

to convey the story and spirit

Enthusiast Community

of people on fire to help youth, people and planet

Use your Workplace

employees, clients, customers … means caring citizens passing by … let’s inform and involve them, bliss their days

Purpose & Entreprise

Add meaning and purpose to your core biz, in-kind, but also by tasking staff and trainees to support campaigns of hero/ines  and local youth

Mobilize Local Citizens

through presence in public, media, your shop

Tricks & Tactics

reach many in many places, align with their aspirations and professional context

Support In-kind

fresh, exciting forms; your business, your lodge, your relations… with exciting benefits for your profession and your own lifetime experiences!

Use your Business

a market stand, shop, boutique, cafe, bar, music club … a donation box, flyers, micro-magazine, Philanthro-Parties reach people, and add good spirit to the work day

Form a Local Team

inspired friends, colleagues … on fire to organize monthly activities, small and huge? Form a Local Unit, get on our map, get the tribe feeling going, grow reach and impact!

Inspire Local Youth

using our Presentation Kit, Poster Exhibit and more … at schools, youth centres …

Staff Support

for your burning questions and ideas

Team Up Long-term

for project activities on both sides, even go visit

Benefit Professionally!

as teacher, journalist … with hero stories, inspired students and audience, follow-up activities

Public Stand

at fests, make loads of new friends

Boost! Local Hero/ines

Support inspired youth teams and student clubs engaging in 400+ actions in our Change Generation Rising program; THEY grow into local Hero/ines. You’ll love it! 


It starts with one DONATION, and you choose what else you enjoy doing!

No expectations. No limits.


TIME is not at issue

Listen to Lulu explain. Like her, we weave bonus actions it into what you’re doing anyway.

That’s why we like your daily hangout

  • “the workplace” to involve adults
  • “schools” to involve youth
  • “public space and media” for more

So, here’s what we do.

Donate to your favorite heroines

via paypal. easy. in a whiffy. monthly recurring is best


brings 20,000 poor kids into school each year 


sends 60,000 good books to indigenous community schools each year 


makes $15,000 monthly to provide home, food, health, education, training at several orphanages


is North America’s face for GMO-labelling, studies and proper healthy food, reaching millions online, at events and schools

Optional : Set Goals, Reach Milestones


youtube series on Britain’s historic hiking tails, re-discover natural and cultural heritage 

€300 for one film


raises awareness and compassion for grand wildlife in Kenya, walks with rangers

$XYZ for 1 ranger / year


educates on what Sharks are really like, and how we must act to save them, our oceans, economies and climate

$XY for materials for schools

The Red Brigade

trains 1,000’s of Indian girls in self-defense against sexual assault, abuse, rescues survivors, changes laws

$60,000 for an academy building, school, home

See Success Unfold!

See their adventures unfold

  • via newsletter
  • via social media

 and feel your impact.

Yay, you made that possible, and it becomes a beautiful part of your life, every week.

Here is a selection from Emma’s posts over the past four years. To view captions, click the image.

You will get such heart-touching news from not just one but many hero/ines. Bliss overload!

As time unfolds, we get opportunity to

Meet “Live”

  • with Eric
  • Hero/ines
  • among Club members

sharing news, progress, anecdotes, needs, addressing your questions and issues like

  • tips, tricks, special ideas, massive opportunities

How super exciting! Top wonder, motivation, inspiration, also for your group. 

Why isn’t this more common? 

That’s the Basics. Then, there are options to scale up!, support in-kind, support local youth etc.

Our Vision

is to have Boost! Club Units all over Earth

  • easily generating millions of dollars
  • rapidly scaling humanity’s finest solutions
  • inspiring, empowering, 100,000’s of citizens
  • sparking youth leadership in 1,000s of schools
  • taking today’s young Gandhis to their next level

on our common path to create the good civilization that our hearts know is possible.

That’s the BASICS, which are already AWESOME. Then, there are

BONUS Activities

that make it super EXCITING for FOR YOU

How about we multiply impact, benefit your profession, and make changemaking part of your daily life?

Find out!