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Our teenage hero*ines lead simple yet incredibly efficient initiatives with instant impact on many lives. We help them roar ahead and scale up, plus we give back by following their example in our own communities. And we make ’em surprise gifts. Because they deserve it. It’s super fresh and exciting.


Fantastic Changemakers with high impact initiatives – view them all here!


We finance robot kits for this underground girl society learning coding and building robots – under disco lights! We also spread the news so that more join the rebellion!


We support Neha’s fundraising efforts to give 1,000s of Indian orphans a safe home, peace, friends, education, health and vocational training. Will you go visit?


We support Micah, Alicia and Anabelle’s LEGO drives for rural village kids in Uganda – with shipping costs, mounds of LEGOs and your creative ideas!


We back Robyn’s quest for making city councils pass the Blue Community Resolution, making water public, a human right and banning bottled water (she has turned 30 cities Blue) with travel costs, skype with schools & more.


We back North America’s most prominent voice demanding GMO labelling, glyphosate ban, health impact studies and proper solutions for healthy food abundance with travel costs, media presence & more.


We boost their fabulous mission to supply indigenous communities in Canada, Africa and Asia with good books and educational resources (350,000 to-date) with mailing costs, book & games drives and more!


We co-fund, co-produce Abbie’s micro-documentaries on her hikes along Britain’s historic trails, to inspire youth and adults for micro-adventures, natural and cultural heritage, and Spend More Time In The Wild.

Teens grow older and their vision grows with them! Today’s twens wield magic that transforms worldview, systems and societies. Simply amazing! This is the stuff that shapes our future at grand scale. What they need is our help to take these solutions to inter/national scale! We also wield their magic in our home regions.


with genius, transformative solutions to upgrade our societies with peace and abundance


We spread Ocean’s enthralling work on educating the world that Sharks are gentle stewards of ecosystem abundance, marine economies and the climate – with educational materials, poster exhibits & more.


We boost Raabia’s voice and Walks With Rangers to raise Kenyans’ and Tanzanians’ awareness, compassion, and protection of grand wildlife; we finance rangers, equipment, visit and get creative!


We enthusiastically support Pooja’s high impact campaign to annually bring 10,000’s of poor kids into school, train them for eco-social campaigns & much more. Exciting!


We boost Eric’s initiatives to spark global Youth Leadership at schools, in homes, media and public with FUNds for digital / print media and trainings, We also join as volunteers to activate our own cities!

Explore their profiles, be generous, get active and ready to try something new! 

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“We can do so much Good as a Generation. Let us become a Generation of Generosity!”

Lulu, L’Oreal Woman of Worth

Meet Lulu, FUNdraising master wizard