How do you select hero/ines?

From the line-up featured in Change Generation Rising selected by a mix of aspects that empower young people and citizens to get involved and replicate the solution locally

  • sucessfully implemented model solution
  • replicable by youth
  • well visually documented
  • accessible by email / skype

we pick those with on-going initiatives, long-term projects generating quick impact, vivid images and feedback to donors.

So – it’s a very special crowd!

Can I learn more about the Hero/ines?


The profiles tell you about their story, video, links to their websites, social media and latest news. We als have occasional LIVE video meetings for Q&A, celebrating achievements, sharing ideas, planning next steps

Can I meet these hero/ines?


  • On social media
  • On LIVE video meetings
  • Potentially on volunteer visits; this is limited, of course
Can I help in-kind?


Big time. We are probably much more fresh, funky, flexible and creative than others in dreaming up in-kind support with you. 

It ranges from printing, gala events, hotel rooms, articles and interviews, goodie bags, canoeing trips and app design to workshop space and holiday stays in your villa, lodge or yacht. 

View more on these pages

  • a list of current needs
  • general options for in-kind support (lots)
  • specifics on hero/ines’ profiles


Can I bring in own ideas?


We cannot possible list all options for in-kind support etc. 

You have experience, resources, relations … let us know of your ideas, and we’ll see what we can dream up together.


Can I be part with my school, business, bar ... ?


In a million ways. 

Please view our page SCALE UP! with ideas, and TEAM UP as a Local Unit or partner. We also have special options for Youth Teams.

Shops, boutiques, bars, market stands can be a BASE by using flyers, micro-magazines, setting up a donation box …

We also support you with resources, flyers, posters, live meetings, tips and tactics for inspiring your community, and expanding your reach to public space and media.


Can I spread this in my city, with my friends?


Awesome, that’s the idea !!

Inspired friends, work colleagues, citizens you inspire with your fundraiser stand on the farmers market … stay connected, get together, form a LOCAL UNIT and get on our MAP.

Get together over cookies and tea, enjoy your shared passion, exciting opportunities, get active, plan cool local actions, document, report back, have Philanthro-Parties, celebrate achievements, conquer the media … and the talkative ones go give presentations at schools, organize hero poster exhibits, support inspired youth teams.

Find out more at TEAM UP and SCALE UP, and BOOST LOCAL YOUTH



Is Boost! Club run by volunteers?


There are no staff costs involved, nor office, electricity, whatsoever.

Our volunteers work from their laptops.

Where does my money go?

If you donate to the Boost! Flow Fund, it finances

  • hero/ines
  • printing / shipping YL Media Packs to schools and communities

depending on current priorities and opportunities.

Once we have larger amounts of money,  we will also have polls, so that donors can vote on where to invest current funds.

Does the platform keep a %age?

GREAT NEWS! “SUPPORT” does not charge us platform fees.

If you donate using the buttons integrated on the Boost! Club website and social media, SUPPORT will change 0% platform fees. , only the transaction fees, commonly 0.5 and 3% charged by paypal or credit cards will be deducte; that’s in the banks’ hands.  

Other donation platforms charge between 5 and 10% fees for their technical service + transaction fees. 

No matter the reasons, it saddens us to think to lose 10 of every 100 dollars! That’s why are super excited about “SUPPORT”. They are a true gift from heaven, let’s use it!


How long until my donation manifests?


Donations to Hero/ines are collected on the platform (to avoid multiple transaction fees) and sent to them the next month.

Donations to the Flow Fund are quickly invested in our current priorities, like printing, shipments of media packs etc  

Do I get to see results?


That’s the idea!

Our hero/ines are not only busy as bees but also highly communicative.

They document their activities on social media. Hence, our social media practically report “live” AND our newsletters bundle up current activities, behind the scenes info, impact reports and plans, feedback, ideas and needs for donations, in-kind support etc. Their Profiles galleries and videos also give you deep impressions of what they do. Then, LIVE video meetings unveil even more details, and some of us get to visit the places in person.

Please view HOW IT WORKS for more infos and beautiful hands-on impressions of EMMA’s work with Books Wth No Bounds

Who guarantees your & their integrity?

Well, nobody. And – all of us. And – YOURSELF.

Let’s begin with YOU. You have a sense of the world, intuition, you see what’s going on with these people, their initiatives what they have been doing, and what they are doing right now. Trust yourself.

  • 0% deduction
  • 0% staff cost
  • Vivid documentation and live meets
  • They are showered with our societies’ highest awards
  • Listen to their voices. Feel the power, fierce love and purity

The Hero/ines are teens, or have started as teens, from pure innocent love, vision and care, and have proven their priorities 24/7 for years. Living under their parents’ roof, they had no need to make money for themselves, and their focus is not on celeb games, fashion, cars or glitter, as one can tell from their vivid and authentic documentation. How many youth or adults do you know in person or from media can live up to their virtues? These youth do not change, they are the kind of lifelong changemakers.

And – when their paths change to other priorities, they will have no ongoing activities to boost!, no more time for interactions, or other means of finance – therefore no need for the Boost! Club any longer.

Finally, there’s me, Eric, as guardian and doorkeeper of this program, operating by an own kind of strictest standards of selection

  • high tangible impact, not motivational talking heads
  • incl accessibility for training inspired peers via skype, email, and hi5′ supporters in live video meetings 
  • no compromises through fund or sponsor egos
  • sacred warior values – being a Giver not a Taker
  • any shady stuff would feel bad and threate the mission. Why do it?

In anything YOUTH-LEADER and Change Generation Rising, I select ONYL the purest of humanity to guarantee the young generation the best, efficient solutions and helpers for achieving their dreams – and humanity’s grand common dream,

Many “famous” changemakers do not qualify for our selection. The general public does not know about suboptimal things going on behind the scenes. I do. And it’s not pretty.

So, damn it, baby, I STAND FOR THEIR QUALITY, and YOU have to spend a little time watching, see what’s going on and make up your own New Able, Active Citizen’s mind to assess what’s truly pure quality. And when you find better, invest there.

If you want to invest in high impact pure Griffindors – here is the place!


Can I invest for / in my Own City?


For example, for LOCAL BOOSTING, you could fund = “order”

  • 20 books, 20 micro-mags …


  • 20 media packs to schools and libraries
  • 5,000 flyers for local distribution
  • 1,000 micro-magazines for distribution
  • 3 poster exhibits


You can simply quickly informally 

  • seed those media, and leave it open what inspired people will do


  • “add” x-tra energy and inspiration by giving presentations at schools, setting up exhibits, a stand at fests, connecting with media

In this case, it would make sense to form a UNIT and get on our map, for long-term interactions. Yippieh!

Got another question?

Let us know.

Please be kind. Say something nice. Thank you.

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