Eric develops media and programs for spreading youth leadership around the globe – @ schools and beyond.

His aim : connect today’s Gandhis and Gryffindors with our young generation and caring adult allies to change lives, laws, industries and learning culture like their famous hero peers – by implementing humanity’s finest youth- and people-powered solutions for peace, joy and abundance, using quick, simple steps. Like that? Check out how he does it and how you can help.

  • Solutions for people and planet are scaled
  • HeroInes gain big support, local chapters, partners
  • Youth live their dream for people an planet, making superb friends and memories, developing awesome skills
  • It makes life at school awesome!
  • Teachers and journalists upgrade their professions
  • Adults find hope, tools, support, enrich their lives at home, at work
  • Parents nurture their kids with positive vision, activities, team up, build bonds, make memories

Eric needs our help to stay afloat while kicking off his programs, coaching youth and adult volunteers; until the inbuilt financial engines run smoothly.

We can help in many ways

  • (recurring) donations at Patreon
  • purchase books etc., also gifts for kids, schools, libraries
  • donate / sponsor a specific small or XXL project
  • many forms of in-kind support, quick and advanced 
  • connect online, spreading the news
  • join as local or online volunteer

Awards & More

  • Images & Voices of Hope Award
  • re:imagine learning Pacemaker; Ashoka
  • UNESCO Round Table for the Implementation of the UNITED NATIONS Decade of Education for Sustainable Development


  • 4x Status with the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, UNESCO
  • 2 UNITED NATIONS Online Volunteering UNOV Awards for YL Teams India and Peace
  • UNV Annual Report Best Practice

Time for Badass, Epic Hero stuff

In Union With All Living Beings

For Youth _ Forwards, Upwards

"The best session - by far!"

#1 Life On Earth. No Compromise

Full Story
There once was a boy growing up in small town Western Germany playing with knights, early pen & paper fantasy games, drawing dragons, following the convenient trail of studying sports and english, finding himself in the magnificent bush of red country Australia, falling in love with the planet, next running into Uncle Tubulls, hardboiled Lakota Inuit warrior and wisdom keeper, and forged in the sacred fire the kid turned into a Planetary Guardian – protecting life on Earth from all form of abuse. #SurpriseIsAroundTheBend #MagicHappens

Eric has spent all his professional life inspiring young people to move into spheres of bliss, personal success and impact on people and planet that they have never imagined. Operating from Berlin, city of play, dance and the Love Parade, Eric’s extended family of students, volunteers, chang and magicmakers has grown to thousands all around the planet, while generating beautiful performance and results.

Knowing of thousands of solutions for peace, joy and abundance for all, Eric sees a world of awesome for all within our reach. All we need to do is to take what works (”no need to reinvent the wheel”) and cultivate youth leadership – the crown jewel of changemaking – at all our schools.

With 20+ years of experience as a teacher, adventurer, author, positive news journalist and social entrepreneur, Eric rigorously believes that young people should not have to suffer from outdated unsustainable societies’ and adult’s traumas, nor be forced to pass on such suffering to their own children !!!

Eric loves caring people, and boosting their daily lives with purpose, impact and uplifting community. Convinced that we are limited only by our (lack of) imagination, he is beyond excited about our new possibilities to empower our entire young generation to grow up implementing high impact solutions for peace and prosperity with the grand changemakers on the planet.

With YOUTH-LEADER, Eric brings finest teen hero spirit into the schools, homes, hands and hearts of our children. Knowing that a mountain of abominations is going to collapse in our lifetime, – and that there is a Planetary Guardian in ALL of us – he wakes up every day on fire to build programs that will impact the lives of people and planet for years to come, and awaken the heroIne in each of us to once again walk as princes and princesses in the Queendom of Nature.

Born a Blue Eagle Leo Sagittarius on a mission to take back the planet from Deatheaters, he will perpetually back and challenge you to “Be More Awesome!”

So – what does Eric actually do?

“Like a DJ, I mix and remix the best hero stuff into big sets, so everybody can dance with it.

For fifteen years, I’ve been developing and testing various tools in various settings.

Now, I am bringing them all together, for everybody to wield.

ALL YOU NEED for Youth Leadership – from inspiration to 24/7 high impact action!

Books & More

to get hero stories into the homes, hands and hearts of our children – into book stores, libraries, schools, reading rooms

+ add audio books

New Kids On The Planet

55 teenage heroInes with high impact youth powered solutions replicable by teens – linking to multimedia profiles with videos, music, interviews, articles, social media and action guides + sections on youth leadership, adult allies and secrets

The HeroIne's 7 Virtues

Coloring and Activity Book – what makes a heroIne, their inner alchemy? Take an interactive journey and create powerful sacred artefacts to nurture this energy in your home


52 weeks with 52 heroInes, UN Days, linking to their multimedia profiles – for office, staff room, kitchen – inspire yourself, colleagues, clients…


Grow up playing with 48 heroInes – a toy, a multimedia book, a sturdy teaching tool, lifelong companion – great for workshops and even adult foreign language teaching

Audio Books

For the little ones, for school, for audio installations in public


There’s no proper publication on young changemakers out there. I know them, I know hero spirit, this is new, fresh, must-have in every home – geez, especially in 200 countries outside North America that don’t even know this stuff exists! Flood your city with these. No time to lose!


digital & print – telling the unfolding adventures of our heroInes, grand solutions and actions by readers and supporters & lots more exciting stuff

World Premiere

on teen, twen adult heroInes – for all age groups, aligned with UN Days, with columns, music, actions from our global tribe – super awesome

Print Magazine

to get into homes, cafes, public libraries, cafes, canteens, book stores – serving to boost heroInes initiatives with donations and more

Micro Magazine

8 page monthly flyer for seeding locally by the 1000s – briefs, current UN Day actions, QR codes leading to our online content

Wall Display

Highlights of the month – for use at school, as backdrop for student club stands; also for office, cafe, toilet corridors, markets, festivals, fences, parks – brief appetizers, artistic design, QR codes for more


I’ve run YL Online Magazine in 12 languages from 2005-2012, with 1,000s of online volunteers from 70 countries, scoring awards. With today’s tools and stories it’s a breeze!

Vlog & Podcast

on Youth Leadership – interviewing heroInes, their parents … to inspire, explain secrets, tactics, context of society and history + Tutorials & Guidance


I’m like constantly storytelling in my life, explaining global issues, showering people with tropical rainshowers of positive information. Tons of people tell me I should vlog and podcast. So, here we go.

Plus, there’s no hero podcast out there. And I know and love my people. So, this is going to be super cool. Immerse yourself, learn and – be part of the show!

Poster Sets

for long-term presence – Exhibit on Youth Leadership, for schools, libraries, office corridors, canteens, markets, fences

40 HeroInes

Interactive posters + flip card to read full story + view action guides on back page + use Explorer Guide Brochure to answer questions on heroines, their impact, tricks, path to success, and what’s next.


“The stories were a smash hit with the students.” — “My most energized English lesson ever. Even the quiet students had something to say. They want to get involved.” — “The poster exhibit was the best of the entire school project day. All students and teachers agree.”


to introduce, inspire, spark teams, instant actions, go pro, evolve, conquer streets, schools and media

Presentation Pack

inspire groups with the stories and videos of incredible teenage heroInes = worldview change + find fav causes, sketch action plans = take instant action & form student club & follow up

Workshop Pack

Follow the footsteps of the world’s most successful changemakers, detect 108 simple tricks applied in action, create your own roadmap using the tricks = ready to start with flying banners!

FUNdraising Magic Mega Pack

Put the FUN into fundraising – learn master wizard Lulu’s Philanthro-Party philosophy and multiply your fun, reach, impact and presence in schools, streets and media

Media Monster

Create omni-presence on social and news media – no more shy photos; do like our heroInes, inspire your community, feed journalists, cultivate positive news media culture


These packs solve the big problems : (1) inspiration (2) step to action (3) going mega big (4) conquering schools, media, public (5) generating money

“This is what school should always be like. — Students want a second session and develop projects.”


Meet Eric, YL Staff and HeroInes live for ultimate inspiration, Q&A, anecdotes, prepare with stories and action guides, #BeMoreAwesome so we can even celebrate common achievements and plan follow-up action

Skype Meets

45 min’s easy, across timezones

School Speakers

also for workshops

Event Speakers

also with music, stands, actions


  • ultra fine heroInes
  • excellent media to prepare
  • action options glore
  • follow-up support, community


+ a weird warrior from the future good civilization who teaches at the real Hogwartz, and walks in Paradise with real mermaids, Galadriels and Dumbledores

Epic Hero Training Program

Self-paced changemaker training, education program, action community, reality game with 400+ year-round actions in real-time collab with today’s Gandhis and Gryffindors. badges, credits, levels, camps … #EpicCVs

100+ Heroines

with badass solutions for peace, bliss and abundance for people and planet. No need to reinvent the wheel. Level 1-4 actions, simple to advanced for greater impact. Choose your favs + follow action guides + use flanking measures, magic tricks + with experience : FREESTYLE & design campaigns backed by the global tribe!

Badges, Credits, Level Up

for completed missions, impact, headlines.

Badges are shipped as buttons at season’s end for the grand global online Tribal Gathering. There’s even patches and flags!

Yes, epic, it’s the best! Let’s do this!

Pick Your Pace

or “character class”

  • Friends Crews act casually on fav causes
  • Student Clubs act constantly, year-round
  • Warrior Clans act full-time, like athletes. They commit to 3 missions p. month : 1 fundraiser + 1 project + 1 lifestyle challenge = Level Up!
  • 100 Levels available for age 8-18
  • Quests unlock new shirt designs!

Document Actions

in vivid positive news style, share with us, social and news media – to inspire, grow reach, impact, support, demand and feed YL Magazine :

You ARE heroInes. You are the STORY!

We #TakeBackThePlanet


Help HeroInes

Experience the amazing uplifting bliss of donating to heroInes not NGOs – Boost! global and local teen and twen heroInes – and experience a personal bond, your agency, being part, finding vocation – embellishing your life


to take their efficient “high impact”  initiatives to greater scale – see success unfold on social media and newsletters, feel your agency, share and inspire

Scale Up!

reach and impact using simple tools and tricks that we provide for use at the workplace, school, public and media

Support In-Kind

in many simple, casual, creative and unexpected ways – using personal, friends’ and company resources + bring in own ideas

Meet Live with HeroInes

for beautiful moments and memories, hear personal anecdotes, bring in own ideas, plan next steps and milestones – celebrate!

Go Visit

as friend, partner, volunteer, trainer,  … for the experience of a lifetime, way beyond the tourist trail for what money cannot buy.

Boost LOCAL Youth Leadership

Yes – now you want to see local heroInes! Seed our media, organize exhibits and presentations, support inspired youth teams on demand in many ways, get us involved

Local Unit & Community

Form a crew with inspired friends, colleagues and citizens to sustain a year-round stream of fundraising, activities, growing impact, nurturing a changemaking climate and – having fun!

Cafes, Shops & Market Stands ...

Act as a Boost! Club Base or Sales Point, lay out flyers, donation boxes, sell our books and stuff, even throw Philanthro-Parties, meet great people and partaaayy!


These initiatives are already up & running.

HeroInes have proven themselves to be unique and awesome.

The activities are common sense.

Everybody loves it.

Make School Awesome

Bring global issues to life – use our resources as add-ons, book speakers, spark high impact student clubs, year-round stream of activities, LearnScapes, team up as students, teachers, parents, volunteers and partners

New Understanding

of “Our New Highly Gifted”, student club HQs, ISLEs Informal Sustainability Learning Environments, the informal YL Curriculum – to at last achieve the Purpose Of Schooling : “able, active, caring citizens”


  • Teacher training for high school English and Sports
  • 4x status as Project of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Devlpt ESD
  • Part of ESD projects on 4 continents
  • Member, UNESCO Round Table for the Implementation of the UN Decade for ESD in Germany

Adult Allies

Resources, roles and volunteering for inspired adults to boost youth leadership – inspiring family and work life, supporting their initiatives and aspirations for people and planet


of our books and tools – parents, teachers, journalists, city councillors, youth workers, activists


Citizens join YOUTH-LEADER to seed media, give presentations, organize exhibits, workshops, support inspired youth teams, network with media and partners … a dream come true!

Online Volunteers

join YOUTH-LEADER to co-create YL MAGAZINE (see above) as writer, web / editor, translator, coordinator, graphic artist, designer & social media busy bee

Citizens Boost HeroInes

yep, big deal – view “Help HeroInes”


team up as group, organization, biz, city, country to boost youth leadership aligned with their priority focus and causes – we bring in our expertise, resources and tribe


  • “Best boss ever.”
  • Self-taught myself everything needed. I know everybody’s job in here.
  • 12,000 applications by UNITED NATIONS Online Volunteers = 10% of global force
  • 2 UNOV Awards for YL Teams 2010, 2012
  • Best Practice in UNV Annual Report 2010

Summer Camps

meet like-hearted warriors and badass heroInes for the ultimate experience – discover and protect the planet, share, bond, plan, follow up when back home, connected via internet

Summer Camps

  • “Best week of my life.” “Eric is a legend.”
  • 1 year in Australia. 1 year as final student of Native American universal scholar. 18 years full-time with today’s Einsteins, Gandhis and Gryffindoes
  • Great brother and dad. Yep!

Volunteer & Learning Journeys

with heroInes and mages


to surf the tidal wave of human civilization 24/7 – serving heroInes, members, the general public – to stay uplifted, learn, be part – magazine + actions + cardgame

The Cardgame

People ask me for this all the time. Let’s do this.

The Magazine

Of course! in cool design (what’s current avantgarde?) tons of actions (petitions, donations…), meshed with heroInes’ social media + user uploads + live meets

Change Generation Rising

Interface, database, user profile like an online roleplaying game – player, heroInes, mages, missions, mega quests, challenges, credits, badges, levels … how can we do this most epic and appealing?


This sound conveys the Change Generation vibe – we gather, promote, perform, compose, inspired by today’s young heroInes, for school, our teams, public, the airwaves

Positive News Media Culture

Solution stories, role models, instant action opportunities – most clicked, best liked, most shared, good for mental health, animates active citizenry. We know how that goes and show others


18 years of working with the visionary innovators of positive news in print, radio, online, education in Britain, Argentina, Canada, Germany, India, Asia, USA & running the most complex program

Images & Voices of Hope IVOH Award 2012 for media for a better world; fellow laureates are founders of Kosmos Journal, TED, Frontline

Donations and In-kind and join the team, purchase books, also as gifts and in bulk.

very useful : Patreon


Progress Updates

Dummy Hero Post

for hero and mage updates

Scale Up!

Here are some cool milestones and goals.


$ 450 €

Translation of the Book NEW KIDS ON THE PLANET

to SPANISH : $ 1,000 € to FRENCH : $ 1,200 € to GERMAN : $ 1,700 € to PORTUGUESE : $ 800 €

Distribute 1,000 micro-magazines

across town, to cafes, shops, schools etc $ 150 € + ca. 100 shipping

Media Packs to All Schools & Libraries

of your district, city, a region you love, with our members (like Chiapas, Mexico), Standing Rock Reservation … with books, poster exhibit, calendar, teaching tools, flyers, micromags $ 50 – 200 per institution depending on pack size and shipping costs

In-kind Support

Cool stuff we can do together.


  • books
  • magazine
  • cardgames
  • flyers etc


of book, poster exhibit, resources, website


  • bookstores
  • schools
  • cafes


in your country, also in educational textbooks


for the Book/s, educational resources, speakers …

Article, Interview

  • on youth leadership
  • in general, in your context, how to spark, evolve it
  • role of media, teachers, youth, parents
  • the book New Kids On The Planet
  • the Boost! Club

Positive News Media

spread the topic of media as our societies’ macro communication tool

  • function : upliftment = personal evolution, not entertainment or manipulation
  • in crisis : empower citizens with solutions for peace, bliss, abundance for all

Activate Your City

for youth leadership

  • host Eric
  • contact schools
  • involve news media
  • distribute media

to schools, organizations, clubs, cafes.

Call for HeroInes

from your country, to be featured in

  • YOUTH-LEADER media
  • poster sets
  • Boost! Club

via media, organizations. This can be a highly interesting interactive series with follow-up features and events

National Campaign

to bring youth leadership to the public’s attention

  • with teen hero/ines
  • activities at schools
  • instant actions
  • call for nominations
  • skype sessions for schools
  • workshops for youth
  • prizes
  • summer camp highlight


yummy foods


feelgood stuff

Bliss Stuff

yoga, retreats, …

YL App

development. Estimated value $ 2,000 to $ 4,000

Tech for LIVE Stream

for UN Day webcast with hero/ines for schools globally


to conferences, events, visit hero/ines

Speaker Booking

various topic options and formats, online and onsite, with follow-up etc