Emma and Julia have raised 300,000 books and learning resources for Aboriginal Children. They are extremely passionate, work around the clock, and take their message nationwide, involving schools, inspiring thousands of followers with their vivid facebook stream, and reaching millions via television and print media. They not only change lives, but worldview among their generation, and form bonds between urban and First Nations youth. They literally build healing bridges across historic divides, and their simple, popular high impact model empowers youth everywhere to do so.
Emma and Julia are highly efficient at raising books. But there is also need for finance, since shipping heavy boxes to fly-in communities, only accessible via air, and around the planet, is costly. They need our help with finance. They also have highly inspirational

  • milestones, goals
  • in-kind book and games drives
  • They are fantastic speakers
  • with instant action opportunities

Emma with Queen Silvia of Sweden at the World Children’s Prize

Awards & More

  • Gloria Barron Prize
  • YMCA Peace Medaillon
  • TVO Super Citizen Award
  • International Diana Award
  • Schulich Leader Scholarship
  • World’s Children’s Prize Jury
  • Croatian Women Of Influence
  • Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal
  • Weston Youth Innovation Award
  • Kids Are Heros Ambassador Award
  • Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leader
  • Aboriginal Youth Recognition Award
Full Story
Emma and Julia have thousands of volunteering hours between them and they love to read. When they learned that First Nation kids in remote fly-in communities of Northern Ontario have no access to any books at all, they remembered the famous quote “My ticket out of a life in poverty was reading,” and started Books With No Bounds to collect and buy thousands of new and “like new” books. Using their own pocket money and selling candy kabobs, they began as small as you can imagine. Soon, people star-ted offering help. A pizza restaurant served as drop-off station, and the local mall provided a room for storage and boxing. After a long and busy year, they had reached 2,500 books! Next, they needed to figure out transportation, and how to finance postage for airmailing tons of books. A little research led them to indigenous owned Wasaya Airlines, whose operator was so moved by their commitment for aboriginal children that they offered a 90% discount. Wo-hou, can you imagine the relief?! Then came the great day of posing with an enormous stack of boxes and shining smiles, making the local newspaper’s frontpage! The following week, they were featured on morning television! As their story spread, schools, citizens and authors started contributing with great enthusiasm. If you ever wondered how much action a couple of teens can pack into twenty-four hour days, browse their super vibrant facebook stream’s first two years, with daily posts of speeches, school visits, boxing, and a steadily growing number of tiny First Nations community school classrooms flooded with books, kids all smiles, holding up their favorites, grateful teachers in tears, setting up libraries and telling of their students’ new found love of reading and their progress in writing skills! Thank you letters from children keep streaming in, and the sisters respond to every single one of them. “The kids do not know that we receive hundreds of letters each week, and we don’t want to disappoint them.” Julia and Emma also receive gifts in return! A grandmother made them beautiful traditional gloves and moccasins, used as a highlight at school presentations. As their relations evolved, they got invited to visit communities, and discovered an enchanting world of wild rivers, polar bears, traditional stories, campfire meals, badass grannies on quadbikes, and many new friends! They also discovered grave suffering and injustices that strengthened their determination to never stop, but even expand on their work. They organized exchanges, met officials, spoke at WE Days, starred in documentary films, received their country’s finest awards, made the evening news, and are even featured on cereal boxes. Four years later, they have sent over 300,000 books and educational media to all 49 communities of Northern Ontario, and to others in Africa, India and Eastern Asia. Twice, Emma has mc’d the World’s Children’s Prize in Sweden, meeting child rights heroInes from all over the planet, forming new friendships and alliances. Books With No Bounds change not only lives, but also their generation’s view on First Nations youth. They literally build healing bridges across historic divides unattained for centuries. These two girls are a true gift to humanity. Still, they say, “We have only started. We are teen sisters on a mission, and everyone can help: donate books, postage, do book drives for kids in need, and ensure equal laws and conditions for aboriginal youth!”

Progress Updates

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Scale Up!

Here are some very attractive milestones and goals.

$ 1,000 €

for shipping

Pick a Tribe - Equip a Library

with all sorts of awesome stuff, checked back with Emma and Julia. This can also be a community school in parts of the world not strictly understood as tribe. Aim for $2,000. Tip: add Book & Games Drive, see below

In-kind Support

Cool stuff we can do together.


in whatever way, to destinations that need good books for kids.

Found a Chapter!

of Books With No Bounds

  • in your province
  • in your state
  • in your country

with the goal of on-going book- and games drives for Aboriginal children, modeled on Emma and Julia’s initiative

  • involving schools
  • vividly documenting progress
  • generating media presence
  • visiting recipients

1,000 Good Books (Book Drive)

If each student at an ordinary high school donates 1 book, it makes 1,000 books; good books like

  • Harry Potter
  • Our Planet Earth
  • Dinosaurs

worth $ 10,000 € Are you up for the challenge? You can use town fests, media presence, UN Literacy Days etc to amplify message and participation

Games & Toys Drive

No English books? Donate toys and games, translate the rules into English, or find, download, and print the rules. European board games are especially of interest, because they are

  • intelligent
  • complex
  • collaborative