Pooja Vishwakarma

Lucknow, India – brings thousands of poor kids into schools, spreads youth leadership, environmental education and international school partnerships, runs campaigns …

Cover Pooja's Expenses for THE ENTIRE YEAR

She says she lives on 6,000 Rupees / $100 per month, making it $1,200 per year.

Let's double it!

We think that’s unacceptable and want to provide her at least double the amount for proper apartment, living etc, and all this will benefit her crew, friends and community anyway. Let’s go for +$1200.


Here’s ideas based on what Pooja’s up to.

Equipment & Tools

Equip Pooja with YL Media for schools, exhibits and workshops, to boost the spirit of youth leadership and spark youth teams to start environmental education programs for 100’s OF CLASSROOMS across the city and state$1,500.

Programs with her Kids Groups

Neighbourhood kids participate in educational, cultural activities, campaigns for children’s rights and more. Pooja wishes to scale this work. Their example will serve to inspire others. Let’s help her with funds for materials etc. $500.

Gifts for the Kids

Do you like the idea of Pooja taking the kids on educational and fun excursions, or of gifting the kids some money to realize a dream of making a gift to a younger peer, or their parents? We do. Let’s gather $500 for this.

Scale Up!

Make a little wave in less than 5 minutes. Feel your heart, take a breath and off it goes!

Share This Page on Social Media

with your personal comment, expressing your love, passion, ideas for more

Call for a Goal!

for a special bonus success, such as

  • 100 for taking her kids team on a fun and educational excursion
  • 100 for equipping her kids team for a campaign
  • 100 for fulfilling her kids team the dream of a gift to their peers or parents
  • … got more ideas?

Use Their Video/s

for inspiring people

  • online
  • at work, school, in a break
  • on a Philanthro-Party

Go for Epic.

Flick a magic wand generating remarkable impact. The trick is to make it a Gift with WIN-WIN BENEFITS for people’s lives and professions.

Use The Poster Set

for an Exhibit or Presentation

  • at school, workplace, public library, public, event…

combined with a Fundraiser

Organize a Fundraiser

at school, your workplace, organization, school, farmers market, pedestrian zone, the mall, a fest, event… as well as your partners’, friends’, parents’ using our tools and ideas for Magic FUNdraising, Philanthro-Parties…

Set up a Field Partnership

for longer collaboration, keeping your community inspired

  • with a common cause and adventure
  • putting talents and capacities to work
  • seeing success unfold on social media
  • printing and posting an Updates Exhibit to keep your team informed
  • with your ideas and creativity for your community and your field partner
  • involving the media of your company, organizations and local news
  • involving familes, friends, schools of your district
  • even visit, document your experience, report at home to boost support

Involve Media & Journalists

Caring journalists LOVE such positive dynamic stories. These are RARE action opportunities to inspire, and to involve their audience. It can even evolve into a series. Start with

  • sharing the powerful cause, solution story, heroIne, visuals, videos, this page

and highlighting

  • the extraordinary impact and potential for scaling
  • various simple ways of involvement
  • option for seeing success unfold, hence soon pubic on success updates
Tips & Tricks

Express your personal passion, story, involvement, thoughts on this matter and experience of being able to contribute and collaborate

  • as additional contents for the article
  • as inspiring example for readers and listeners to join
  • mentioning additional potentials for schools and groups to contact you, get involved

and feel free to contact us

  • to boost your confidence, and being part of the movement
  • for adding details on the story that can link with the medium and readers
    For example, in the case of the Red Brigade Lucknow: Newsletters of municipal police or martial arts clubs do post our stories and organize fundraisers! Their article can be pepped up with the fact that (a) after being repeatedly pressured by these “vigilante women” about doing their job to persecute rapists and murderers, police today merrily collaborate with the RBL; and (b) Army Officers book the RBL for training their wives self-defense against sexual violence, and (c) they starred on India’s most popular game show)

Involve Schools

Good educators LOVE real stories and concrete projects for bringing global issues to life. The inspirational media, solutions and huggable heroInes can make the year’s most memorable experience for students… imagine each student donating a Ball of Ice Cream’s worth (1-2$/€) – this makes $1,000. Yay! Your passion, involvement and experience make you

  • a good presenter
  • with quality media, videos, posters, …
  • sharing your own reason of involvement
  • sharing your first experience with familes, colleagues
  • sharing your experience of first impact

with an option to

  • add more about youth leadership (see our Presentation Kit)
  • tell of your own initiatives for people and planet
  • encouraging to found a YL Team / High Impact Student Club
  • eventually even mentoring inspired youth

Got for it.

If you want to prepare, take the YL Messenger Online Training.

Your Ideas & In-kind Support

… from sending DVDs for village cinema to making her the lead character of your airline’s global campaign, there’s a million options – what ideas spring up from what YOU know, and YOUR environment? Here are some typical examples of In-kind Support


Share Your Story!




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