“What about our local youth?” we hear you say. YES – it’s part of the plan!




I love to see you on this page.

With your knowledge of boosting hero/ines + tools + tricks + support, let’s confidently zoom into your local youth and face2face environment.

Empowering local youth is common sense : 

1. Spread the message

If you are a talkative type,

2. inspire youth face2face

3. Support inspired youth, also in-kind

This page relates to your own experience, with local schools, youth, spaces, friends, allies… this means we ask you to think, it gets “personal”.

Shake yaself out a bit! Get a bite to freshen up!

More bliss @badassmamita on insta

TIME is not at issue

Like Lulu does with PhilanthroParties, we weave it into what you’re doing anyway.

1. Spread the message

If you are a talkative type

2. inspire youth face2face

3. Support inspired youth, also in-kind


SPREAD THE SPIRIT through books & teaching tools

It begins with inspiration.

First of all, youth – and their allies – have to become fully aware of the powers of youth leadership … to a point that they want to follow our news, get involved and launch initiatives in their own region.

Seed to Youth Spaces.

That’s schools. And schools. And schools. Then, public libraries, after school clubs, community centres, public space, youth NGOs, magazines, radio and television, concerts, town fests

Reminder : Scale up! lists tools and tactics to reach the citizenry, adults who also connect with youth, as kids, customers, students, audience.

Seed Media Packs

does this, pooja

Seed Articles

does this, pooja

Offer support

does this, pooja

Show films

does this, pooja

If you work at youth spaces

such as schools, libraries, NGO youth chapters, clubs, you can become more specific, more concrete


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Poster Exhibit

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Video & Music Clips

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If you want to engage face2face …

we have tools and more for you

BOOST! Face 2 Face

through Conversations, Presentations, Stands, Workshops …

Casual, for Everybody

Do not ignore young people. Don’t fear them. Don’t be shy. Speak to them.

Hand a Flyer

This takes 5 seconds. guide their attentions to books, the Boost! Club, global issues, ask for causes they care about, inform that you offer to go give a presentation, and that there are awesome leadership programs in collab with the hero/ines.

Add Visuals

Posters on a laundry line, a market stand, is all you need. 

School Fests

As a parent – set up an exhibit, raise funds, add inter/action, like flip-posters, survey, interview youth, parents, teachers. TEAM UP! 

Add interaction

A stand. Fundraise.

Attend a Youth Event

If you score one caring youth, on fire to have a presentation at their school, get involved in fundraising, even form a club, that’s gold. Plenty. 1 person.


for a hero/ine, and get youth to visit your stand, the event, and learn more.

Give space to hearing their voices, concerns, interests, passions, skills, experiences, goals, ideas. TEAM UP!

Become a “Messenger”

We have Training and Tools for you.

Presentation Pack

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The goal is to spark a team, a student club, using the resources of our Change Generation Rising CGR training program with 400+ actions by 100+ hero/ines.

Poster Exhibit

24 teen hero/ines. You’ll be using posters as part of the presentation, and the idea is for youth (when you are gone) to have this tool to create

  • long-term presence
  • reach all students
  • have a “stage”, a space
  • to evolve with stands
  • into the club HQ

Wall Display

aka YOUTH-LEADER magazine.

  • with current progress news
  • from unfolding adventures
  • current UN Action Days
  • new music, books, heros
  • campaigns, petitions, events
  • impact by teams
  • “live2 dates and meetings

in artistic format, big photos, short texts, QR codes to more

Workshop Pack

The teams are likely to want to know more, and you being their first and trusted contact (ta-taa), they’ll look at you for guidance. Already, you’ve given them the lead to CGR for self-organization. But it’s great to stay in touch as a sworn team. This pack is a fabulous resource to “go pro”. They can use it by themselves, but it’s always cool to have a good adult with them.

Train yourself!

For Messengers, it is compulsory. Makes sense, right? It teaches you the essentials of youth leadership, badass hero/ines, favorite causes for everybody, our tools, rocking videos and music, makes you reflect, check on current news of your own favorite hero/ines, think, feel, dig in, be part … thereby giving you your own passionate stories to share with youth, making your presentations deeper, fresher, funnier, more fluent, freestyling with your own anecdotes … making you a good authentic Volunteer Messenger.

To inspire = knowledge transfer and spirit transfer

To “transfer” spirit, to make it resonate in others, it is necessary that you have that spirit in you, that you feel it, that spirit of youth leadership, tangibly changing lives, laws, industries, life at school,

… which kindles hope, confidence, courage in others and gives a safe, trusted space for articulating one’s heart – virtuous feelings, fears, out/rage, love, bold vision.”

The Tutorial / Crash Course immersion definitely kindles that in caring people.

Never too old. Never too teacher. Never too serious.

HE’s got it, the passion, the magic. It’s serious. It’s about securing the future of the world we love. It’s about youth warrior power. It’s urgent. It’s happening right now. They hear him.

The Tutorial

Upgrade Your Worldview on Youth

If you act locally, and meet people, this is vital.

Your memories about your time and experience with youth, school, adult relations, administration, the power of one influence your effect on others.

Scepticism kills, optimism wins. You need to be realistic, and this means : optimistic; because it works.

Erase all Doubt

about the powers of (local) youth who have not yet found and unfolded their passion and powers like their hero/ine peers.


Learn about Youth Leadership

  • the million facets it can take in your community
  • how it starts and evolves at schools
  • the role of media
  • the role of adults

Immerse yourself

“Take a bath” in the spirit of youth leadership, and learn to feel like hero/ines.

That is the way of the master.

We make it easy. The tutorial is exciting, and teaches you a lot about what goes on in the minds of your audience, teachers etc.

The Exhibit

A first stroll and overview. 30-60 min’s

The Tutorial

View videos, stories, reflect, respond to questionnaires. Online. 120 min’s

What if youth want to get super active?

No need to worry. There are many follow-up options, resources and support


24 teen hero/ines. 

400+ Actions




UN Days Actions


YL Magazine


YL Curriculum

24 teen hero/ines. 

Field Partners


Summer Camps


Reminder: Youth are BOSS

Never ever employ / ab-use youth for your own ideas and goals.

It is Youth Leadership

Dear adults – you are busy. Your lives do not permit you to do the grindy work. So, please do not pressure youth, ever!! If there are specific issues that you care strongly about – then take action on them, yourself, as adult, with adults. Do never employ and ab-use youth for your causes. That’s not cool. Please.

Whatever cause young people take on … it will be them who are in for the long run, for early and late hours. It will be them that stand in the spotlight, and will have to eventually face bullies and parents, besides exams and grades. Young people have their own perfect intuition and guardian angels. They know how to pick their challenges, their risks, also stuff that you would not dare doing. Hence :

Sit together, hear what they need, and SERVE.

Ask them :

“What do you need?”

Then, listen with attention, without judgement. Think, and see how you can help. Then, observe things unfold. That’s the way <3

The same is true for teens mentoring kids.

Never push younger kids to follow or get involved. Share your truth, your inspiration, welcome those who are inspired, and support those who come up with ideas. It is a role that YL Warriors quickly glide into. “And it’s super fulfilling.” Lulu, LemonAID Warriors

REMINDER – Always include GLOBAL

also when you’ve found your passion for your local hero/ines and causes

Our Global Hero/ines are #1

Why? They already make vast impact, and they are our strongest asset for boosting local newbies with

  • inspiration and how-to DIY knowledge
  • missions, instant action opportunity
  • stories, videos, tools
  • structure, local chapters
  • “live” meetings
  • coaching and mentoring

Never give up global focus and support. Don’t get lost in the small local box. It can close down, suffocate and lose momentum quicker than you think. Hence, with us

  1. start global
  2. add local
  3. mesh global and local


In-kind Support Services

for inspired youth teams

We have a page for in-kind support. Much of what’s true for global hero*ines and YL staff is true for local yout, this means : budding hero*ines!

  • spaces for workshops, meetings, camps
  • spaces for exhibits and Philanthro-Parties
  • tech and projectors on occasion
  • media coverage
  • food goodies for meetings
  • public speaking, coaching
  • yoga, acrobatics, acro yoga – they’ll use that!
  • epic sport activity like canoeing, climbing
  • film and photo training – essentials for freestyle
  • theatre, singing, expression training, essentials
  • project development workshops (only VERY basic, so their imagination stays free!!)
  • accompany their campaigns, media, logistics
  • invite them as speakers, add a fundraiser
  • open doors to people of influence, biz, mayor …