Boost Club – How It Works


Everybody cares to help and loves seeing results that make a real difference. We felt we want to give people a really strong, “real” and rewarding experience, and even make changemaking an uplifting part of their daily lives, all year round, and if they choose to : every day.

The Club adds inspiration to our buzy lives, helps us activate intriguing untapped potentials, bring about positive changes, feel personally connected and even meet and celebrate achievements with heroInes we love.

Further, it equips us with efficient tools and tricks for reaching other people who care in our environment, like friends, colleagues, even schools and media. You’ll find out more as you explore the pages.

To build a world-premiere bond with heroInes IN OUR BUZY LIVES and enjoy a new, fresh and rewarding experience, we have decided to make it A “CLUB” with recurring, monthly donations. If you just want to chip in once, you can also make one-time donations to your favorite heroInes, of course.

Membership comes with a recurring donation of $/€ 1 per month, or for the full year $/€12. Yes, shocking, isn’t it? And it gors straight to heroInes, too. Nothing’s wasted on administration. Of course, it makes sense to chip in more than a buck to evoke the meaningful impact the world needs, and keep up with our heroInes … since they are really seriously at work.

For optimal impact and fun, we offer you powerful magic wands for evoking bigger return and cascading effects. It’s all set up for an epic adventure!

You’ll love it.

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causing huge impact on fav causes

Our signature strength are 100’s of high impact heroInes, with compelling, memorable visuals, ready to give back with images, personal messages and even Skype. Oh, so lovely!

RACHEL PARENT - Kids Right To Know

achieving GMO labelling, a glyphosate ban and long-term studies on health impacts.

TSHERING DORJI - Evergreen Bhutan

Youth-powered social business for waste awareness and recycling in remote regions of pristine Bhutan.

EMMA MOGUS - Books With No Bounds

Libraries, quality education, policy change for First Nations’ Children’s Rights, school funding, trauma therapy, ending systematic racism and injustices.


Getting 1,000’s of poor kids into private schools by enforcing a new yet little known law

The popular causes, powerful media and enormous impact make it easy, fun and rewarding to also get friends, family and a greater public involved.


100% of your donation goes to HeroInes. You decide to donate all to 1 HeroIne, to split 50-50 or give all to the Flow Fund enabling us to combine resources and invest in a person at the right moment.

In-Kind Support

There are many ways to help using your personal and professional relations. Scroll down for examples.


Meet Live

We create exchange and conversations on needs, ideas, resources and opportunities as the Club grows. Members receive weekly updates on social media and monthly updates via newsletter. We organize Video Messages, Skype Meetings with HeroInes and Club Fests uniting our Members. Exciting!


We connect highly skilled professionals with young changemakers for one-off online meetings and year-round teams

and we are going to celebrate our achievements together!

This is where the common form of donations and support ends.
For us, this is where the adventure begins!

2. Scale Up!

How about sparking another 10 to 100 Donations in minutes?
We know you can – using simple steps. Here’s how ordinary people like you and me Scale Up!

e-Outreach Pack

… with facebook posters, Hero Story Booklets to send via Newsletter to employees, NGO members, fans…


at your school, workplace, event, farmer’s market …

Book Drives

and other goods, new or used electronics, projectors, pens, paper, stationery…

3. Go Epic

Do you like the idea of unlocking another $ 1,000+ of Donations in a few hours?
And even building a friendly long-term support network?

What’s needed are just a few tools, some online, some onsite, and making the opportunity, activty and experience a GIFT to those who benefit : such as caring teachers, colleagues, businesses, journalists, organizations and public servants.

You’ll love seeing people respond with hope, gratitude and enthusiasm, surprising feedback, ideas, even offers for media presence, and demand for school fests and founding local clubs. It doesn’t even mean extra work, because people do what they do anyway – with an extra boost of purpose. It’s what happens to us. It will happen to you.

Check out these ideas and think of how they fit in your environment. Ask friends for ideas, team up and make it an adventure!


at your school, workplace, public library, event, public space… adding your precious presence, passion and calls for funds


at schools, school fests, conferences – on youth leadership, with focus and action call on your fav HeroIne and cause…

Field Partnerships

of groups of friends, a school or business supporting their fav heroInes long-term, meeting live online, seeing success unfold, adding more ideas, activities, even visits


Birthdays, Christmas – also galas, concerts, backyard carnivals…



in newsletters, newspapers, lifestyle magazines, radio shows – think big and contact us – we provide details to tune the heroIne, cause and activity to the medium and audience.

Your Ideas

We are constantly surprised by people’s ideas and creativity – it’s just beyond our imagination. People have so many amazing connections. View ways of IN-KIND support below, and also what can spring up as BONUS when activating your region by seeding our media.

For sure, some of these techniques will work for you, and you’ll have your own ideas. Share them with us, to inspire others! Follow your intutition and be creative! All you have to do is to embrace your values, and stand in your genuine love and passion.

4. Bonus : Spread Youth Leadership
all over the Planet

Our main goal and purpose at YL is to empower our entire global young generation at school to work with our heroInes and evoke grand changes like them, to scale impact a million-fold.

IT BEGINS WITH INSPIRATION – by seeding our powerful stories and tools to schools, clubs and public, distributed and pushed by our friends, members, partners and heroInes.

Activate Your Focus Region.
Follow your heart, unlock a shipping & sign up for updates!

Beijing Royal School, China

with student leaders – boosting the HeForShe Campaign with a Girl & Women Exhibit, spreading YL to 9 top private schools. Excitiiiing!

Byron Bay, Australia

with ace artists, activists and Aboriginal leaders to launch youth leadership from Byron along the East Coast to protect Australia’s water, the Great Barrier Reef and marine animals from fracking, coal mining, pollution and overfishing.

Lucknow, India

with Usha, Pooja, The Red Brigade Lucknow and Bal Manch – adding eco-social activism, leadership to schools and communities involved in programs on children’s rights, self-defense, campaigns making streets safe and welcoming for girls and women again.


with Tshering Dorji, Evergreen Bhutan, youth-powered recycling social businesses fueling waste awareness campaigns, arts and leadership education programs across the country.

Toronto, Canada

with several YL HeroInes, for boosting the world’s youth leadership epi-centre to even greater heights.

Standing Rock Reservation, USA

with indigenous grandmothers – for inspiring, empowering and connecting Native American youth with changemakers and schools around the world.

Florida, USA

with Sue Blythe, of the Institute for Sustainable Living – linked with climate change education programs.

European Children's Farm, France

north of Paris, with La Ferme Européenne des Enfants, for 1,000+ inspired students and summer campers age 5-12 to turn their love for nature and animals into year-round action at their schools across France and Britain.

Will you add Your City?

5. More Ways to Help / In-Kind Support

There are more ways to help than one can imagine. Here are examples.

Organic Food Baskets

Proper food, delights, high spirit, upliftment, detox, vegan…

Free Holiday Destination

Your or a friend’s mountain or seaside cabin, your eco-cultural tour, hotel chain…

Guest Speaker at High Level Events

diplomacy, education, investment, charity, …

Free Space in City & Countryside

for workshops, summer camps…

Free Articles, Interviews and Adspace

In your online and print media, company newsletters, flight and train magazines…

Project Development Workshop

in your institution or a good provider

Visit as Celebrity

creating media presence, mobilizing public support

Design, Apps, IT & Premium Support

for websites, print media, app programming etc., new and used laptops, projectors, smartphones and long-term premium support

Behind The Scenes

Our Benchmark of Selection (30 sec's)

At YL, we care for taking proven solutions for peace and abundance to global scale. We seek their replication in every part of their country and world. It is not enough to celebrate heroInes for their solution in their city. The problem is that experts are buzy, governments don’t care, and the people believe they cannot do it. We change this – with you.

For our selection, it means that we do not feature advocates. We feature those with tangible solutions, ready to go to national scale, to equip and consult others for getting involved with high efficiency and impact, globally. We select by a mix of these factors:

  1. A successful model solution – this is what the world needs
  2. replicable by teens and adults everywhere or it leaves people disempowered
  3. well visually documented on the webso people feel it, understand how it’s done
  4. available by email or Skypeso users get their final, decisive questions answered 

This is a rare breed, and the ones that inspire and empower people best.

From all the heroInes featured in YOUTH-LEADER … we select a few for the BOOST CLUB. I hope this tickles your curiosity, smiles and excitement!

Your Benefits (30 sec's)

It is being aware that this is not only designed to make a powerful intangible and tangible boost for the heroInes

  • to impact people and planet
  • to feel backed and supported
  • to see their dream manifest
  • to feel a greater part of humanity rising

but likewise for you

  • by feeling daily upliftment by seeing success unfold, feeling high spirit
  • by feeling empowered to be able to make relevant changes
  • by experiencing your own power for mobilizing your community
  • by sparking untapped potentials with cascading effects
  • by using our versatile tools
  • opening up the full spectrum of YOUTH-LEADER & Change Generaton Rising services
  • to the people who got inspired, visit our site, explore our media and join their favorite programs
  • with benefit for their personal, professional and idealist lives

Yes, it’s more than one imagines.

It all begins with being part of the Boost Club

  • making a simple, quick donation
  • browsing a few ways of Scaling Up by using our flyers, images, tools

and then

  • checking the feedback and news on our social media and Newsletter
  • and not hesitating on responding to your ideas, urges and passions

If you are totally on fire to make changemaking your lifestyle, explore YOUTH-LEADER and enjoy!

Secrets & Motivations (3min read)


Thank you for taking an interest in helping young changemakers. I am going to write up a little on the motivation behind the Boost Club. Not all, but some of it may ring some nice bells in you. Know that the youth would never say these things about themselves. But I do. Because I am talking to you – an adult. I say this with a smile, and now let’s get somewhat serious.

The young heroInes of today have bigger value than you think. 

The young people in our program are lifelong changemakers, and this makes the investment in them even more exciting. They will evoke tremendous impact throughout their lifetime. These are the Gandhis of our time, doing what no one did before, already in their teenage years, Already, their initiatives have grown to inter/national scale and our societies have given them their highest awards!

The young heroInes of today deserve our help.

They inspire us with hope for a good future, and there is very little other that does, apart from lukewarm faith, which is good for little unless it manifests in tangible form – like these.

They are also our strongest asset in empowering our young generation as a whole, since “80% of human behavior is shaped by role models, much of it subconsciously”, copy-paste. Humanity has been advocating for eco-social awareness and active citizenship for forty years, and the effects turn out to be microscopic in face of the challenge and what our hearts wish for. The crux is that mere mental advocacy doesn’t do it. Where have we seen active citizens in action evoking relevant changes? Do we have any around us? Unless we do, us inhabitants of an unsustainable, non-peaceful socety have no chance to level up to heroism.

This is where these youth hold … well, galactic potential … for humanity. Because their example inspires millions with

  • can-do feeling
  • a sense of purpose
  • concrete and efficient youth-powered solutions
  • for instant action
  • and are available by Skype
    (how many youth do you know that provide all this)

and now WE ARE AMPLIFYING IT manifold to planetary scale by

  • taking their example to the homes and schools of the world
  • in 16 languages, fit for every classroom on Earth
  • with action guides enabling people to join and replicate their solutions(!)
  • and Live On Skype support for doing so
  • with the young heroInes as Speakers in our program
  • with summer camps and more

The young heroInes of today need our help.

They act 24/7, they are even still at school(!), they do not game, play, hang out with friends. They wouldn’t mind doing so, but there are greater things to do. Like adult changemakers they cannot sit still and idle while they could impact thousands. This commitment comes with gifts and rewards, but still…

… these teens operate on their own initiative and agency. They are not shills or little extensions of activist parents and orgaizations. In many cases, their parents are actually worried, but see that they have to let the kids do, and simply try to help on-demand as assistants.

… they have little to no one to share their thoughts, worries, suffering, doubts – not in their family, their “ordinary” teenage friends, their teachers, even people in organizations (who are just well-meaning 9 to 5 employees, not visionaries tackling the blind spots of society as social entrepreneur!

… they are facing the horrors of our societies that even us adults have closed our hearts to – or we would feel compelled to act, would burn with a solution in our hearts and hands, would be out there, on the streets, 24/7, like these teens.

… they experience shocking rejection, judgement, attacks, betrayal by adults, including “the good ones” in NGOs and lukewarm supportive politics, even business and ordinary citizens behaving strange.

… some are in the bulls eye of attention, even smeared, trolled and attacked … yes, these most shining angels are even attacked for “shaming their country” … even though it is precisely them helping adult populations clean up their inherited shame!

In short, they are heroInes but this means they have A BIG HEART, and being human, they are vulnerable.

Our help matters! It’s about more than likes, claps, cheers and awards.

YOUR genuine support matters. Most people don’t know, but I can tell you that society’s common behavior is way not enough!

Awards are nice, but

  • 10,000 or 100,000 mean so much more, because those benefit the people and planet they work for
  • asking them how you can help with your business, network etc nationwide would make sense
  • being available in person for a year to boost them big time would be appropriate
  • the wealth conversing around the buffet, warmed by the sunhine of these teen heroInes is a shame, considering the effects it could unlock with the ones who the award event is actually organized for

Speaking Occasions are nice, but too often

  • they are used for edutainment (whereas the students should support them – a mere ball of ice-cream per student would score $1,000 instantly)
  • they are merely used as inspiration to 1,000 students to have their own ideas (whereas actually they should instantly set up a local chapter, replicate the project with massive instant impact – instead of sitting idle clueless to re-invent the wheel)
  • having to powerpoint their story time and again (although people could have viewed their story and videos before, and the conversation could be at eye-level about more meaningful, advanced stuff, sharing anecdotes, fun and making plans for action! which is way more enjoyable for the heroInes, give them a break, do your homework – at least, that’s what WE do when we promote them as Speakers. and the outcome for schools is so much better!)

They don’t mind, but I do. Look, we can do better. WE AS ADULT CAN BE GREATER.

They are profoundly touched by

  • steps to take their story global, promote them as speakers, add action guides, promote local chapters etc
  • always leading to their social media, websites and paypal accounts
  • award nominations, scoring them signifcant amounts of money and major recognition
  • questions on what really matters to them, what’s up next, what are their aspirations, how to help
  • the vision of empowering their entire global generation (because they don’t just care for themselves or “their ” focus cause)
  • the vision of getting into schools (because they know little to nothing is happening there)
  • various support and access for facilitating their travel, audiences, quality web communications and impact
  • consulting for additional social entrepreneurial collateral best practice ventures for strengthening their work, finance and networks
  • bringing them together with other superb changemakers

The young heroInes of today deserve our best effort for uplifting them in holistic ways with

  • finance
  • free travel on trains and airplanes,
  • free hosting
  • free canoeing trips in their region
  • free ECO-CULTURAL HOLIDAYS to immerse themselves in the people and planet they love! to enjoy, to refuel in nature, and thereby strengthening their bond with the planet and spirit (got a lodge, a hotel, are you a tour operator, got a friend who is?)
  • free webhosting, premium! design and long-term premium support
  • free venues for workshops and gatherings
  • free media space in newspapers, magazines

A key to offering the best is to take a role of serving them ( = the higher purpose). THEY are the heroIne. Not you. They are perfectly wired to their flow of what’s right and needs to be done, right now.

They’ll never say it that way. I do.

The young heroInes of today our y/our biggest gift

  • to yourself
  • to the people you love
  • to students, colleagues and everyone around you

Hold them dear

  • like the Joan of Arc’s, Robin Hood’s and Christs of today
  • their spirit is no less pure
  • honor them accordingly
  • know, feel and appreciate their gift to you
  • it is unique and cannot be bought
  • and return it, give to them your finest
  • your most precious, of true value
  • sometimes unexpected

It comes with beautiful, unforeseen, unexpected gifts in return

  • Knowing to be part of this moment in history
  • impacting people through them
  • being of this value to the Gandhis of our era
  • seeing our impact unfold on social media as we follow their evolving adventures

is already plenty – and we aim to add more, the unique that one cannot buy

  • personal encounters on Skype
  • at workshops, events
  • at summer camps

so we all really grow together as a team, a tribe, getting to know needs and capacities, inspiring further ideas, and everyone uplifted by the experience. Is this candy?

Now let’s live our role as ADULTS,
as MEN and WOMEN in these hard times
and do the proper for the YOUTH.

I’ll see you in The Club!

Images & Voices of Hope IVOH Award 2012