We want YOU and everybody else to benefit

… to multiply our impact

Joy, Hope, Meaning

and everybody else – to multiply our impact!

The vivid experience of impact and progress is highly uplifting. It is beautiful, and precisely what we need in these troublesome times!

This graphic explains how even those of us leading fulfilling professional or passionate artistic lives benefit from new MISSION and VOCATION

by at last being able to do more relevant good for PEOPLE and PLANET.

You can bring this Gift to many people around you. 

Uplift the Work Day

of employees, staff, shopkeepers, entrepreneurs

  • by casually making “positive change” present in the form of flyers, books, micro-magazines, calendars, donation boxes …

to uplift ambience, vision, spark conversations, add to newsletters, social media, fests, activities …

  • formally with poster exhibits, book drives, fundraisers, Philanthro-Parties, LIVE meetings, volunteer visits, in-kind support, tasking staff and trainees with campaigns and workshops supporting hero/ines and local youth …

of clients, customers and families

  • with our resources in waiting rooms, restaurant placemats, hero poster exhibits …

also generating new bonds and interactions


    Upgrade the Profession

    Teachers bring global issues to life with stories, activities, student clubs, organize live meetings, establish partnerships, volunteer visists

    Journalists add meaning through solution stories,  inspiring the citizenry, interacting with the audience

    Educational Publishers have ace role models, linked with practical activities

    Companies ugrade products with stories, actions

    Shopkeepers sell books etc. for positive change

    Entrepreneurs bring in their experience, resources, and staff for multi-faceted campaigns for people and planet beyond their limited core biz

    DJs, Club Owners, Event and Festival Organizers add spirit with purpose, funds and speakers

    Organizations inspire, mobilize and train members of all ages to support hero/ines AND replicate the initiative locally, get inspired and equipped for youth cultivating leadership


    heros, sports, music, entertainment …

    can turn presence & priviledge into impact

    • share with their followers
    • offer exciting perks for lotteries
    • invite hero/ines to galas and house-parties
    • team up for campaigns on their fav’ causes

    + various in-kind support through their relations

    experience true, loving, unconditional community

    • on our summer camps !
    • volunteering with our hero/ines 


    Funders & Sponsors

    have fresh options to invest

    in high impact changemakers

    with ripple effects across society

    sparking and cultivating local youth leadership

    bringing in own ideas

    aligned with their focus topics and regions