Since age 13, Abbie has been filming documentaries “with a fresh, youthful perspective” to develop awareness in the young generation.

After films on sustainability and climate expeditions to Africa, Abbie specializes on Britain’s rich natural and cultural heritage – taking us on micro-adventures, hiking hundreds of miles of historic trails, sharing tips on gear, pointing out how precious this is for our mental health and a rich life … open to everybody that gets their boost on! We need this kind of films. Abbie also speaks at schools, gives guided walks, and there is more to come in her life!

Abbie seeks our help to pump out films every week, covering her modest travel expenses.

We / you wil be mentioned in credits as “co-producers”. Yay, when do you get such a chance in life?

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Awards & More

  • Eco Tales Film Festival, Winner
  • Action for Nature, Eco Hero Award
  • Wildscreen Roar Talent Bursary
  • Wild Film Fest, Winner
  • Environmental Steward, IUCN
  • Top Producer, UN Web TV
Full Story

During a childhood crammed full of mountain treks, den building, canoeing, and animals of all shapes and sizes, Abbie developed a crush on everything “outdoors”.

As she learned that this paradise is threatened, she vowed to do everything in her power to protect it. Next Christmas, she found herself with a film camera. This magic wand would from this day define her mission: „We need information on our planet, wildlife and conservation with a youthful perspective.“

Thirteen years old, determined Abbie began filming local wildlife, and at fifteen she produced her first award-winning short film on protecting our ocean wildlife from plastic trash! Films on nature, sustainability and historic hiking trails followed.

A day after completing her school exams, she took off to climb Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro as part of a scientific expedition documenting the grave impacts of climate change on land ice, wildlife, and farmers. Little later, her followers saw bushcraft and survival videos pop up on her page.

And now, she combines all of her passions and skills for producing short films on small and big adventures criss-crossing Britain’s trails, coasts, and landscapes, with tips on gear and overnight hiking. Oh, also, she constantly kicks your butt to “Spend More Time In The Wild,” and invites people to join her for guided walks.

Especially when you feel down, you should get those boots on, get out there, enjoy the vistas, the stones, the snails, bats, big birds, standing on mountaintops with the warm sun in your face. And the night, the wind, surprise rains. Eeek!!


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Co-produce a full film

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Co-produce a special destination

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Got ideas for a cool trail to document, sponsoring Abbie to go to a specific place, in Europe and beyond?

Reminder : Abbie has to agree, this means to like it. So dream up a space that’s super cool. It’s not about survival and stress. It’s about bliss, a magical experience, and value for others.


Co-produce a Hero Visit

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  • docu the hero’s initiative
  • maybe trip around in the region

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Probably $3,000

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on youth, planet, heritage, the land, filmmaking, and mental health – Abbie’s own experience on getting herself together and growing

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