There’s one big door to unlock – and that’s people’s awareness of youth leadership as the game changing phenomenon of our time. Even people who’ve seen clips of teen heroInes and call it the most inspirational they’ve ever seen… even teachers who work with them … even the teens themselves are not aware of the true power, dimension and meaning of the phenomenon, as well as the hidden energies at work behind success stories – or they would all boost it with all their power…

This gem of a book is a stunner and door to changing our worldview, priorities, daily lives, life at school, our communities and create a world of peace and abundance for all in our lifetime.

That’s a mouthful, but hey – this is why it’s special. And why we get such fabulous feedback, score global awards and world experts take their hats off at what YL is bringing into the world.

Share widely as digital gift on company and NGO newsletters, and get copies for your kids, friends, as Christmas gift and to seed in your community. You’ll love seeing the impacts and getting involved.