Our 7 Virtues collection is a cracker. We don’t know of any other tool for re-awakening our awareness for virtues, values and – what makes outstanding teenage heroIne different from the majority. And it helps us kindle the same spirit in ourselves, thereby helping us find better alignment with our true values, and daring to live them. Quite… spectacular!

When Eric met master artist Karine Hervé, and she learned of the 7 heroInes embodying the 7 Virtues, Karine got instantly inspired to create Mandalas conveying the 7 Cardinal Virtures, – and wow, are we surprised at the results! You’ll be able to tell which Mandala belongs to which Virtue. Isn’t it amazing that form conveys a virtue’s energy?

Dive deep into the form, color it, get inspired by Karine’s 3-dimensional style, mixed with natural elements…

Can you imagine the value of this veritable artefact on a kid’s room’s wall?

It is so incredibly important to make high end spirit of youth leadership omni-present in our lives – to heal us with hope, strengthen our values and concrete guidance how to turn our good spirit and passion into action for the people and planet we love.

Can you imagine how cool this is for a school class to explore? To create their own Mandalas inspired by this example? To make an exhibit and involve the school community? And adding videos and fundraisers for the heroInes’ causes?

Find out more about it here.