“Imagine a crowdfunding community for young Hero*ines … that’s what this is.”



doing great stuff for people and planet


scale up their genius campaigns


in a million creative ways!


as friend, volunteer, trainer… pure epic!


to Level Up! + unfold their hero skills


for Q&A, celebration and – what’s next?


as local Boost! Club Units


because your passion works magic

We support Young Hero*ines we love with resources, skills, relations, open doors … and we love it! 

‘I admire what these people are doing. I wish I could be part, and my kids, too.’

‘You can! You can help them, team up, dream up and shape our future together.‘ 


gets 10,000+ poor kids into school annually + ecosocial campaigns


goes hiking, creates films on natural and cultural heritage


distribute educational materials to schools in coastal regions


protects Kenya’s grand wildlife + raises awareness among locals


the ‘know your wildlife’ legend
what will he do with it?

Red Brigade Lucknow

trains girls self-defense against sexual attacks, 30,000 to-date

View latest news

on hero*ines, on Boost! Club, in our community + what’s coming

1 entire Library

for an aboriginal fly-in community school (no road connection)

30,000+ € for Gati

with a 48h sponsor run for Namaste Nepal’s partner village

1 Ton of LEGO

delivered to children in rural Uganda

Chloe got elected

as Maine’s youngest, has doubled voter turnout, scored 80%! 


Meet staff, hero*ines, view recordings + book speakers

Thank You

for helping me realize my dream.
Babar Ali, teenage headmaster

Thank You

for helping India’s girls.
Usha + Pooja Vishwakarma 

‘I think that all youth should grow up like this.’    ‘Us too. Here’s how we get it into schools, together.’ 

Seed the spirit of Youth Leadership to schools, libraries and partners

Donate to print and distribute media packs for schools and libraries in different regions of the world, also by our partners.

Also, order some for your home region!

Poster Set, Exhibit

*Discover Youth Leadership* 48 hero*ines, 101, QR links to videos, music, interactive explorer guide for kids – use at kid museums, schools, town fests, markets, malls, cafes … with tips to spark conversations, add FUNdraisers & more 

Library Pack

Set up a Youth Leadership section, with books, cardgame, music/al + micro poster exhibit + flyers + tips to serve and involve youth, teachers, parents, offer holiday activities

School Pack

Guides for teachers, Crash Course, teaching tools, books, poster set … to spark a Changemaker Student Club, bring global issues to life, add action to fests and projects …

YL Volunteer Pack

Equip a fellow citizen on fire to inspire youth and citizens : Crash Course, poster sets, books, guides, flyers, donation boxes, stand banner … everything for a “Micro Fair”

YL Books

Help us print cheap in bulk. 1,000 for 8,000. Or 5,000 for 18,000. Or …

‘This is beautiful. Everybody should know.’    ‘Right on. Let’s each inform 100,000 folks. Here’s how.’ 

‘I only have a few pennies. How can I help?’    ‘Awesome. Look, you can unlock 100x more. Easy!

Scale Up your reach and impact

using common sense, simple tools and tricks to inform, inspire and involve people via media, at the workplace and in the community – like our hero*ines do.

Be yourself – if you love it, get creative, push, repeat, enjoy yourself, team up with friends, be bold, set exciting milestones, play, dare being spectacular, conquer media and public space.

Social + Newsletters

People love stories of young hero*ines, but know only few. You have so many, with videos, music, an online exhibit … even ways to get involved. Be a messenger, it will be well received! Keep posting, share YOUR adventure of supporting your fav’ hero*ines – and people will join in!

Inform News Media

You’ve seen young hero*ines on news media, in magazines, on children’s programs. It started by someone informing their staff. Spread the word using our resources. Inform local and national media, nominate for awards, too!

Tell our Stories

Everybody (with friends) in media : tell our hero*ines’ stories, interview staff, get inter-active with your audience, offer our media packs to schools, call for FUNdraisers, have them report on their experience “on air”, use UN Days for specific hero*ines on water, forests, girls, youth skills …


Lulu teaches you how to put the FUN into FUNdraising. from bdays and fests, X-mas and sponsor runs to concerts and weekly market LemonAID stands – you can raise big, get present, gain new friends and allies… Have fun!

A Charity Party

or concert, club night, festival for a hero*ine’s cause. How much can you score? Erin’s Annual Sundara Gala took a shot at $100,000.


Inspire followers, call for donations, grant super perks, a meet with you, meet us for a “live chat”, dream up an action from your heart, let’s do that, involve your famous friends, invite to parties, style us up, get us epic photoshoots, come to Warrior Camp. There’s more.

Do Poster Exhibits

at school, fests, canteens, cafes, museums, in public. This  creates long-term presence, enables conversations, vivid photos. Add a stand for FUNdraiser, videos, music, bakesale, survey. Invite the public via press releases!

Activate Workplaces

Flyers, a poster, book or desk calendar can reach 100s, even 1,000s year-round – think of these spaces : offices, canteens, waiting rooms, cafes, family restaurant, library, school, boutique, market stall …

Key Professions

share our core purpose “to empower youth, active citizens” – journalists, librarians, city councillors, civil society, and teachers – inform them, help them activate themselves using guides, Crash Course, teaching tools, to bring global issues to life, spark Changemaker Student Clubs …

Activate Youth

What about your local youth? Our global hero*ines’ examples help youth get started with flying banners. Then, fired up Changemaker Student Clubs can unfold veritable superpowers, in “live” cooperation with 100 hero*ines! You can spark it with a flyer, or with a presentation.

Help in-kind

You can support in many unusual ways, since our partners are highly flexible. Articles, adspace, printing, distribution, transport, goodies, big city hotels, holiday lodges, spaces for summer camps, workshops for local youth teams…

Activate Workplaces

daily hangout of staff, customers, who are also caring citizens, youth, parents… inform them. You can also form a unit, team up in-kind with hero*ines, adopt local schools, support inspired youth. You can sell our books, set up donation boxes, exhibits, meet-ups, charity partys…

Form a Local Unit

Do you love FUNdraising in creative ways, for young hero*ines? We want to help you live your passion to the max, add purpose, mission, vocation to your daily life, workdays and week-ends – in personal interaction with hero*ines, our global tribe and new local friends! Use y/our ideas, town fests, UN Days and more. 

Be a YL Volunteer

Do you want to move big things in town, and enjoy communicating  face2face with students, adult allies, develop activities, support inspired youth teams? Then this for you.

‘Epic. Tell me what I can do right away.’    ‘Here’s something whiffy & something to make you dream.’

Fill our Flow Fund with a recurring donation

Our Flow Fund serves to invest in everything that you see on this page as need and opportunities arise. There’s a lot going on “behind the scenes” that we yet cannot keep up documenting online. We inform you on investments, use, results and feedback via newsletter.

Thank you for supporting our young generation!

Please select the number of months
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By default, your donation goes to the YL Flow Fund. Do you wish to fund a specific purpose? Tell us below.

Team up as city, business or school

Let’s work together … set exciting milestones, celebrate achievements, dream up projects, go visit …

MOVE a mountain

with us. Activate a YL program. Manifest a major milestone. Take a campaign to inter/national level. Shape a state’s future.



Gather friends, get creative, live a hero life
… or join our global volunteer crew







What a beautiful experience. What an honor. What a blessing to be making a contribution. I feel newly connected, filled with joy and hope, also for my kids. Thank you! Michaelle

I just shared this at work and people are so excited it’s like they’ve been thirsting for this and no one ever mentioned. Thrilled! Boris

I used stories in my English for Adults class. Normally, they just want to flirt, but today, everybody was super focussed on explaining their hero to their neighbours. Excellent! Grzegor

The posters were a smash hit with the students. You should have been there! The principal, teachers, everybody agrees it’s been the best activity of the school fest. Students are inspired and ask how they can get involved. You watch us! Anahita

Hanging out with my heros Am I dreaming? Stefano

I wish I’d had this at school. And now I can do it as a mom. How cool is that?! Let’s take on those challenges. Hi5 everyone! Svetlana

1,000. I really made 1,000 quid! Whouaa! Ginxi


The Boost! Club is part of the YOUTH-LEADER Universe, a bunch of kickass projects boosting youth leadership, and learning culture for people and planet. All these programs support and strengthen each other.

YOUTH-LEADER has received multiple status with UNESCO as “Official Project of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development” for its outstanding contributions to empowering young people, educators and citizens.

YL Teams have won UNITED NATIONS Online Volunteering Awards 2010 and 2012. The UN Annual Report 2010 mentions YL as the Best Practice for online volunteering with concrete results on the ground. 

Our founder, Eric, has been honored with the IMAGES & VOICES OF HOPE Award. Earlier laureates include the founders of Kosmos Journal, Frontline, the Director of TED. Eric is also a member of UNESCO’s Round Table for the Implementation of the UN Decade for ESD. 

And with you, we want to unfold the potentials in everything we’ve got to 100 x greater, beautiful heights. BE PART!

The Boost! Club focuses on support. Check out the other, related sites