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… educates on what Sharks are really like, and the urgent need to Save Our Sharks as stewards of ecosystem abundance, marine economies and the climate; we help with educational materials for schools and more



… are an underground society for girls building robots, based in a secret location – with disco lights!, appearing at championships, calling girls to use their youtube coding tutorials, form chapters and join the rebellion! We want to finance robot kits etc.



Walks With Rangers to raise Kenyans’ and Tanzanians’ awareness, compassion, and protection of grand wildlife; we finance rangers, equipment – what else can you bring in?

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  • we positively uplift thousands of lives
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  • and : we empower local youth!

Rocks! You’ll love it!

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So exciting!

Lots of Good News!

Welcome Raabia!

Welcome Raabia!

Walk With Rangers; raising awareness for protecting Kenya’s and Tanzanias grand wildlife, through education and equipping rangers

Lulu's Book is out!

and we’re excited. It’s full of PHILANTHRO-PARTY tips. You cannot imagine what ideas she comes up with. Get 1 for your crew + 1 for a primary school + 1 for the local library! Get it here

Withrow Ave Junior Public School raises $1,441.65

for Emma, BWNB

Pooja organizes Holi celebration

for scores of poor children

Emma ships 500 pounds of books

to Wasaho Cree Nation School in Fort Severn – a ‘fly-in’ only, northern First Nation community located in the Nishnawbe Aski Nation, made possible by Pine Groove Public School Halton District School Board through their monthly DEAR program & grade 3 ‘Into the Woods’ fundraiser

X @ Bassnectar

Check out Xiuhtezcatl on New Year’s Eve 17/18, another signal of teens taking over mainstage for leading and rising humanity.

Eric's Book is out!

NEW KIDS ON THE PLANET feat 55 teenage hero/ines with high impact solutions, linking to multi-media profiles with videos, music, latest news + action guides for getting involved. Boombastic! Seed it on b’days, X-mas, to friends, families, schools, libraries, canteens, waiting rooms … Get it here

Emma @ Jimmy Fallon Show

Besides raising 300K books for aboriginal kids Emma is a double-A student, does research and builds stuff – watch Jimmie wield her tongue-controlled mouse!

Jasper & Mason raise $1,300

for March for Our Lives at a symposium on gun violence, selling t-shirts they designed

Victoria (age 10) raises 1,200 books

for Emma, BWNB

Pooja gets major state award

for bringing 25,000 poor kids into school through the RTE Act

New Partner: SUPPORT

enables donations for ARTISTS and CHANGEMAKERS with tailored account handling tweaked for our needs. 100% idealist SUPPORT charges 0% platform fees! Awesome!

New Partner: HippoHelp

places HeroInes on the global map – to inspire the open-minded global travel community to discover + protect the planet with donations, volunteer visits, joining and promoting the Club!

Vancouver Talmud Torah School 4th grade raises $1,800

for Emma, BWNB

Flyer Distribution

at Food Protest uniting 1000’s at Berlin’s Brandeburg Gate. Costumes by Berlin club fashion legend Laloquita!

Playwell Africa dig 2,000 pounds of LEGO for Uganda

and delivered it, with their families. What an adventure!

Poster Exhibit

at Wiesbaden High School on occasion of a Project Day. “The exhibit was the best thing of all. All students and teachers agree.”

Emma delivers 45 boxes

of 3,000 books, school supplies, toys, incl 5 playgroud scooters to Antler River Elementary School in the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation.

Chloe Runs for Office

Serial record breaking student clubber and legendary co-founder of Divest Harvard walks her talk of Youth Taking Over Politics and has got 80% of the votes, doubling voter turnout! 

Empathy Effect feat. Emma in beautiful article

New Boost! Base: Tante Eden

Berlin’s epic club party fashion boutique sells our calendars, books & connects with caring folks and DJs

Folks raise $3,500 for Xiuhtezcatl's B'day wish for Africa

Xiuhtezcatl's Book is out!

telling his story as an activist from age 6. This is really a powerful thing for kids to have on their shelf. Make 1 a sacred gift + 1 for your local library. Get it here






What a beautiful experience. What an honor. What a blessing to be making a contribution. I feel newly connected, filled with joy and hope, also for my kids. Thank you! Michaelle

I just shared this at work and people are so excited it’s like they’ve been thirsting for this and no one ever mentioned. Thrilled!


I used stories in my English for Adults class. Normally, they just want to flirt, but today, everybody was super focussed on explaining their hero to their neighbours. Excellent!


The posters were a smash hit with the students. You should have been there! The principal, teachers, everybody agrees it’s been the best activity of the school fest. Students are inspired and ask how they can get involved. You watch us! Anahita

Hanging out with my heros Am I dreaming? Stefano

I wish I’d had this at school. And now I can do it as a mom. How cool is that?! Let’s take on those challenges. Hi5 everyone!


1,000. I really made 1,000 quid! Whouaa!


Donate silently on screen


Form a Local Club & make it fun part of life!

Bring in that party feeling!

We are part of epic changes!

So let’s live it appropriately :

  • Angel; silent donor, friend and follower
  • Local Club Unit; local group of friends 
  • Local Club Base; flyers, donation box
  • Boost! Club Salespoint; books, merch, also online
  • Local Youth Crew; a unit with ultra superpowers



That’s the way!

LemonAid Warriors

Who could resist?


is totally fine


we’re all living this for real

Let's multiply

and boost! at high speed!


The Boost! Club is part of the YOUTH-LEADER Universe, a bunch of kickass projects boosting youth leadership, and learning culture for people and planet. All these programs support and strengthen each other.

YOUTH-LEADER has received multiple status with UNESCO as “Official Project of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development” for its outstanding contributions to making the world awesome for all.

YL Teams have won UNITED NATIONS Online Volunteering Awards 2010 and 2012. YL has been listed as the Best Practice for online volunteering in the UN Annual Report 2010. 

Our founder, Eric, has been honored with the IMAGES & VOICES OF HOPE Award. Earlier laureates include the founders of Kosmos Journal, Frontline, the Director of TED. Eric is also a member of UNESCO’s Round Table for the Implementation of the UN Decade for ESD. 

And with you, we want to unfold the potentials in everything we’ve got to 100 x greater, beautiful heights. BE PART!

The Boost! Club focuses on support. Check out the other, related sites